Thursday, 5 January 2012

Coles Aftersun Soothing Gel (250ml)

After a Sunburn last February, I bought myself an after sun gel. It contains green tea and aloe vera so it's very soothing. It's a green/clear gel. I bought it with me on this trip. I've not had any use for it (due to lack of good weather).

I bought and used a new SPF lotion (from a brand I'd never tried before) but I can't remember which one. I stupidly didn't read the directions, it is meant NOT to be rubbed into the skin, but who doesn't rub suncream into their skin? 

Anyway, by doing this I left my skin unprotected for an entire afternoon at the beach. It wasn't until I got home and showered from the beach I realised I was burnt and wondered how that could've happened, so I checked the suncream label and it said don't rub in! I've never heard of such a thing - I always rub suncreams into my skin and then re-apply during the day after swimming etc. I promptly threw it away.

I know this sounds silly, but I'm kind of glad I got sunburnt because without having that happen I would'nt have thrown out a dud suncream and discovered a lovely soothing, cool aftersun gel so I guess it happened for a reason!

The consistency of the gel is a little tacky, but not sticky, after you apply it and rub into your skin, it dries quickly, it also smells nice but not its not over fragrant and it left my skin smoothe, soft and nourished/hydrated.

This product contains methylparaben, aloe leaf juice, green tea, menthol and water.

I think the Coles brand is only available in Australia, New Zealand and possibly in the US and I apologise it is not more widely available, but I felt it was a good product to review and even though it's a product I hope I don't need to use often, if I do manage to get a little sun on this holiday, I have something to cool and care for my skin. 

The directions say you can apply freely to your face and all over body moisturiser. Apply liberally to sunburn and dry skin as often as possible.

There's no product after opening expiration date so I guess it's okay to use it for a year or two and it smells and feels as nice today as it did when I bought it early last year.

I don't remember the exact price of this item but I bought it at Coles and it would've cost something like AU$7.99, or something like that, which is about £5.30.

Would I buy it again? yes, but I won't need to for a while, it's going to last a long time.
Do you use aftersun protection to your skin, even if you haven't been sunburnt?

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