Sunday, 29 January 2012

EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop

I don't know why I've never blogged about this product before!

My EOS lip balm is sadly on it's last leg's but it's lasted around 6 months with multiple uses per day, so I thought I'd share my thought's on the lemon drop lip balm. 

My balm is in the Lemon flavour and it was bought from a UK Ebayer who imported them, these are becoming easier to get your hands on in the UK (see below).  

EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth

The top of my list for a lip balm are the following:

Non-sticky, fairly decent amount of time on my lip's, (taking into account eating, drinking), a pleasant taste, not oily, plus the product must be hydrating and if my lip's are cracked, it must help repair and keep cracked lip's at bay and it also must be affordable and easy to find.

I personally love the little egg shape packaging. I think it's very cute. You can find this pretty easy in your handbag, or makeup bag because of the unique shape and yet it's still small enough for tiny handbag's and yet it doesn't get lost in bigger handbag's.

Left to Right: (top) Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop 
Left to Right: (bottom) Medicated Tangerine and Honeysuckle Honeydew

EOS lip balm's come in 6 flavours: Summer Fruit, Lemon Drop, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Medicated Tangerine and Sweet Mint, plus there are too limited edition flavours from 2011 Passionfruit and Raspberry, which I've not seen in the UK yet but I'm on the lookout for those. Let me know if you have used these.

EOS lip balm's are 95% Organic, 100% Natural and Paraben and Petrolatum free. Each one is packed with antioxidant enriched Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil and they keep your lips soft, smooth and hydrated.

These were hard to find in the UK but if you want to try them you can now buy them from the Bath and Body Shop and Fenwicks in London and Tunbridge Wells (I'm not sure if they are available in the Fenwicks store in Canterbury, Kent) and also online at and Naturally Fabulous.

My beloved Lemon is running out so I need a new one. I'm going to buy it again in Lemon because I like this flavour but I think I'm also going to buy it in another flavour, perhap's I could find the limited edition flavour's because I'd like try those.

If you haven't tried one yet I definitely recommend you do because they are worth the money and they work - no-one wants flaky, dry, cracked lip's.

My beauty tip for EOS lip balm:

Before you start your applying your makeup, apply something like the Mint Julips Lip Scrub from LUSH using a small amount and gently scrub your lip's, this gets rid of the flakes (the dry patches of skin), it's a sugar scrub so you can either lick that off or use water to remove it, then you apply the EOS lip balm to your lip's and let it soak in. In minutes you should have smooth, hydrated lip's and can easily apply a slick of gloss, or your fave lipstick and/or gloss on top for sexy, kissable lips!

Have you ever tried EOS lip balms? If so, which flavour float's your boat?

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