Monday, 30 January 2012

Jordana Nail Polish in Yellow Energy (949)

Hi everyone,

I'm still excited about yesterday's haul. Wow what a nice surprise!
If you missed yesterday's blogpost, please click here.

Here's are the swatches. I thought I'd go with this highlighter pen neon yellow.

No basecoat, 3 coats of polish, photos taken in natural light and no top coat.

Apologies but the photos aren't doing this polish justice.

I don't mind that on a few nails you can still see my nail, especially the cuticle.

Goes on nicely in 3 coats, but if you really wanted it opaque I'd go for 4+ coats. 

The consistency of this polish is a bit thin. I expected it to be a little thicker. It's not matte but has a slight shine to it. I'd prefer it to be more glossy, but it's ok.

When you shake it (I know your not supposed to) you can hear the ball bearings inside the bottle - gosh I've not heard that sound for a while. Do UK polishes even have ball bearings in them anymore?

I like this in 3 coats but next time I wear it, I'd probably go for opaque.

Jordana polishes are Toulene, DBP and Formaldahyde free.

One final thing I thought I should mention is I made my lunch and got cottage cheese on my thumb so I licked it off and my thumbnail still had the dry polish on. I received a very sharp and bitter taste and I know your not supposed to eat it, but keep that in mind if your preparing food - be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the polish otherwise you may end up with inedible food. The polish hasn't flaked off, it was just the taste that was rather unpleasant, although I didn't expect it to be tasty, if you know what I mean, but the taste took me by surprise but I guess this could be a helpful deterrent for people who bite their nails so it's probably a good thing!

To my knowledge, Jordana cosmetics aren't available in the UK and I don't know where else to find them in New Zealand. I think they are easy to come by in Australia (not sure where, maybe in Priceline). You may be able to find someone on Ebay.  I'm going to see if they're sold in Poundland and check Sally Express when I return to the UK in March and I'll let you know. If you have found them in the UK, please let me know where by commenting below.
If you like bright/neon colours - I think you'll like Yellow Energy!

Which colour of the Jordana's would you like to see swatches of next?

The choices are:

Fiery Red, Purple Dynamite, Coral Spark, Green Glow, Berry Parfait, Raspberry and Orange Drama.

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