Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NOTD 04/01/12 Revlon "Gold Coin"

This is my first and only gold polish. I received it in a Revlon Christmas giftpack I bought at Boots in early December and I made a haul video showing it here

You had to spend £15 to receive the Free (£25 value giftpack). The giftpack also contained a Coral lipgloss and a Grow Luscious mascara, both of which are still in the packaging at home in the UK.

I think this may be a limited edition. I don't think you can buy it singularly (there weren't any on display or any mention of the shade name in the display) so it wasn't for sale when I last looked in December (in the UK) but maybe it is now, or will be.

I desperately need a manicure because my cuticles are a mess. I don't know why but I cannot do them myself, it makes me feel sick and I'm scared I'm going to hurt myself, or do some  damage so I have them done when I go to the Salon for a polish change, manicure or acrylic nails. I'd love to get a shellac but I get bored easily - if I was to go with a Shellac it'd be a simple french, or perhaps a pink glitter tip take on a french.

Anyway, I like how glittery gold coin is and it's quick drying. I'm wearing 3 coats (no base or top coat) because I'm testing to see how this wears without either. I applied it this morning, and already after putting away groceries and making my bed I have a few chips, so I definitely recommend at least a good topcoat. I like Seche Vite.

 Revlon (146) Gold Coin

I'm going to Bayfair (a big shopping centre) on Friday in Tauranga so I hope I can find other polishes and makeup in KMart, they have a LUSH and lots of other shops including a large Farmers so I'll do a haul on Friday night or over the weekend.

Do you wear gold nail polish all year round, or just for a special occasion, or only during Christmas and/or New Year?

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