Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oroton Large O Shopper Tote

I've been wanting an Oroton handbag for many year's but I put it out of my mind because I didn't have the money.

A few weeks ago an Australian friend named Jodi mentioned on Facebook that Oroton were having a Sale and my heart skipped a beat, they had a sale last year and I adored a bag called the Essential Shopper Tote but it had sold out twice by the time I got around to deciding to buy it and now the bag has since been retired, but I just bought the Large O Shopper Tote and it's very similar and I didn't want to miss out again.

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My first choice was the above bag but with beige/cream/white handle leather, but it had soldout, it was the same price as this one. I figured the black leather was just as nice, but honestly I preferred the beige/cream/white version.

Originally priced at AU$345 she was marked down to just AU$170 + AU$24.95 for shipping to New Zealand. I also bought a Roulette keyring, which was $AU30.00 usually $65.00 each.

It would've cost £250.00 if I'd bought it full price, so I've saved myself £110 approximately and that's a considerable saving. 

I could've bought it when I returned to the UK but the Sale would've ended by March and the price of shipping is about another £25 on top of what I'd paid to have it shipped to New Zealand. I ended up with an amazing bag for an amazing price! It's a lot of money but I'll treasure it forever!

Owning an Australian designer handbag is more special to me than owning a Mulberry, Louis Vuitton or any other high end design, it's Australian and like I've said before I like to support Australian brand's. Oroton was established in 1938. It's a well known luxury brand in Australia they also sell shoes, purses (wallets), watches and scarves.

Oroton online at: Oroton, Facebook and Twitter.

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