Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

I first heard about the Sally Hansen nail polish strips from the beautiful Kandee Johnson on youtube quite a few months ago. Kandee's one of my favourite beauty gurus and I've been waiting for these to arrive in the UK, but I never found them.

I found these in a display with a few other designs in Farmers at the Bayfair shopping centre in Tauranga, New Zealand and I immediately grabbed this design (it's one of the one's I found on the Sally Hansen website months ago) and it's called Girl Flower and I knew I'd want this one as soon as I was able to find it, so I snapped up a packet.

They cost $NZ19.99 approximately £10.25, which (I think) is kind of pricey, but you get 2 x packets of 8 strips in a foil sealed packet so that's plenty for two applications (if you can save half of one strip for your other hand like I did). I'd prefer they had 10 nail strips in each pack and you got 20 nail strips for the same price. Why only 8 per packet, we have 8 fingers and two thumbs!

I'm righthanded so I started applying on my left hand and I think I did ok. I made a minor mistake on the pinky, it says to leave your thumbnail until last. They're very sticky but I managed to reuse three halves of ring, pointer finger and pinky on my right hand from the strips for my left hand. Are you still with me? But I found doing my right hand a complete mess so I don't want to show you those fingers.

I love it! I love the pattern and I could see myself wanting to use these more often but the price is a concern for me. However, I would repurchase this design. I still have a packet of 8 left unopened and 2 saved from the first pack. I only used 6 of the strips in one packet for my left and right hand so that's not too bad. 

One thing I would recommend is having a friend help do the hand that you aren't so good with. I think maybe if I'd started with my right hand I may not have done too badly, so I'll try that next time but I definitely think having a friend's help is a good idea and you could do each others nails.

I would repurchase them and I'm looking to also but another design to take back to the UK with me. I think the design I might get is a hot pink glitter strip. You know me, and my obsession with all things glitter. If I can't find that I might get a solid colour or maybe a Zebra design but I'd only wear those on ring fingers and maybe use a hot pink colour on the other fingers. I think that'd be a nice contrast. I'm not an animal print lover so I couldn't see myself wearing all 10 nails in Zebra (just my personal taste). I would definitely like these for my toes but I don't know if they are the right shape, size.

I hope these Sally Hansen ones are coming out in the UK soon.

I also see OPI have the nail apps so I'd be interested to try those too.

I hope you like this, please let me know your experience with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips or if you've used another brand. I think these are cool and I'm more into this than the magnetic polish, which is a big trend right now (I don't have any) and I don't think I'd purchase any!

I'm going for a walk in the sunshine and to see what the local pharmacy's stocking.

Have a fab day!

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