Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vintage Chanel

It was just before Christmas and I was helping my Mother out for the day at an Opp Shop in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

A girl in her 20's bought in two large boxes and a paper bag of things so I helped her carry everything from her car into the back of the shop. She said it was a mixture of clothes, shoes and some accessories etc.

After she left I started unloading the contents to sort into Summer clothing, Winter clothing, jewellery, accessories (belts etc), homewares etc and at the bottom of the very first box I found this vintage Chanel box. I was so surprised, because I'd never expect to find something so gorgeous in a donation so I was so excited to find it.

My Mother she said they'd never had anything like it before, that she knows of. I asked if I could buy it. The ladies there generally makeup the prices so things are as cheap as possible so they sell, Mum said to donate $2.00! Yes that's NZ$2, which is £1.00! A Pound! You could never get this anywhere else for £1, well not a genuine Chanel box!

You can see a picture of her here, which was taken the day I got her, or the day after and you can see she needed some TLC and a good clean. Should I name her?

Here's a few pictures of her to show you how nicely she's cleaned up.

I wish my photos could be brighter. She's a white box with gold lettering and the gold Chanel Paris logo. These photos were taken at night.

The lining is a gold/yellow, the video shows it up as orange. I'm such a lucky girl to have come across this.

I've never been a Collector of anything vintage, but I think I've got the bug to start collecting vintage boxes, trinkets and objet d'art. I can't wait to go back to the Opp Shop next week and when I get back to the UK I'm going to start thrifting. I don't know why I've never done it before. I found some very nice tops I bought for myself at the Opp Shop and after a good wash they saw me through a week of cold days.

I consider this to be the holy grail of haul's. I could never afford anything from Chanel. I hope you can see it for sharing it with you, rather than me bragging I have a Chanel. I thought my subscribers would be interested to see it.

The little booklet inside the box that I show in the video (and below) is written in French but it has of a few pages of care instructions in English and at the back of the book it has some Japanese pages too. I was looking through the booklet and it had just one picture of a handbag which I'm sure is the product that was sold in this box. It's a black quilted leather and gold chain handbag (see below).

No mention of year this book was published and there's no registration information.
I'm so happy with my little gem.

Comment below if you'd like. If you can tell me anything about the year of this Chanel logo etc please let me know I'd love to find out more about it.
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