Saturday, 11 February 2012

NOTD 11/02/12 Orange Drama by Jordana

Edit: Here's a picture taken in the daylight, it's much more orange in natural light.

The last few days I've been painting my nails daily  because I want to show you some of the new Jordana polishes from the Bright Duets Collection, which I posted here.

Today's polishes are two by Jordana, they are Orange Drama and on my ring fingers I've used Crystal Glitter, which is a really nice clear polish with silver sparkles that in certain light have a blue, green reflect to them, it's very pretty so I wanted to use it.

Orange Drama: I have 4 coats, yes 4 coats of this as it's a thin polish. I'd like it to be a bit more creamy, or thick. I thought 2 was too sheer, 3 was ok but 4 pretty much covered the nail quite nicely. It was also not as glossy as I thought it would turn out but it did dry fast and then I used my Seche Vite Top Coat and it made it glossier.

Crystal Glitter: I applied 2 light coats of this just to both ring fingers. I wanted to put it all over my other nails but stopped myself. I think it's very pretty but I wanted you to see the orange on the other fingers and not just a whole lot of glitter.

Seche Vite: My new (I've had it for a while but not used it so much until recently) fave Top Coat. It dries my polish super fast and I  love the finished glossy look.

I'm pretty impressed with the colour of Orange Dream even if I did use 4 coats I do like this polish. I think I'm going to use it on my toes with the big toes finished with Crystal Glitter too and topped with Seche Vite. 

Apologies for the bad lighting but today was cloudy and rainy so it's the best I could do and I did take the photos with my iPhone 3Gs, which doesn't have a great camera like the 4 or 4S does. 

I'm going to buy a new small camera at the end of the month (duty free) for the purpose of using it for my NOTD's etc. I really want the new camera to help me take better quality photos and for them to be much more focused, in HD etc.

Have a super fab weekend!

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