Wednesday, 1 February 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Duo Set (Closed)

Edit: 02 February 2012

This Buyapowa Co-Buy as ended because all the stock was sold.

Buyapowa have launched a Co-Buy for a duo set of two of Nicki Minaj colours from OPI. They are both 15ml (fullsize) bottles, so this is excellent value for money!

The current co-buy for the Duo of Nicki Minaj polishes are in the shades: Save Me and Metallic 4 Life. Please click on my Co-Buy link here to buy this duo with Buyapowa.

How does Buyapowa work?

Buyapowa gets in the stock, sometimes they have a lot of the one item and sometimes it's a very small lot. 

Each time someone buys an item, the price is lowered until the stock has gone eg. This co-buy started at £21.00 for the set, as more people entered the co-buy, the price lowered, when it gets to a certain number of buyers, the price drops further until it gets to the absolute best and lowest price. 

There were 120 of these duo sets and 61 people have joined the co-buy so it has now fallen to £13 per duo, but the best price is £12.00 + £1.50 postage so the price will drop to £12.00 if people keep buying it. 

This OPI Nicki Minaj duo is a fantastic offer because OPI's sell for £10.50 each so your getting 2 x fullsize (15ml) bottles for £12.00 + £1.50 postage!

If you haven't bought from Buyapowa before, I recommend doing so. I've saved a lot of money buying makeup products there eg. £12 (I think) Benefit They're Real Mascara, Benefit are selling this product for £18 at the moment, yes the stock is brand new and the mascara was sealed and came in a They're Real box.

If you see something you like then I suggest buy it right away, absolutely everyone pays the same price, so if you decide to buy and its £20 don't worry, as people buy, the price goes down and you all pay the same price when the stock is gone, you won't pay more than someone who eg joined when the price had gone down to £10.00.

I think Buyapowa is a really good way to get products you want for best price!

Firstly, I'm not being paid to say this. No I don't work for, or have any affiliation with Buyapowa (only as a customer who buys products from time to time), sometimes I admit I receive a product for free, but anyone can - you just have to share the links for the co-buy by completing the Share To Win button, which is in each co-buy.

Enter your details to try and win the product for free. There's a leaderboard below the share to win, so if someone clicks on your referral code and buys the item, you jump up the leaderboard. The person who bought in the most paying customers when the co-buy closes, gets it for free.

I genuinely like what Buyapowa are doing so I want to support them, please join a Co-Buy and get in on saving money with Buyapowa! They don't just sell makeup, they sell skincare, nail polishes, makeup brushes, haircare products, hair styling tools, beauty tools and gift cards etc.

Please click here to read more about Buyapowa.

Click this link to watch a video on Buyapowa's YouTube on how it works.

Buyapowa's website is here, they are on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Happy Co-Buying!

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