Friday, 3 February 2012

Revlon Sweetly Seductive

Edit: I forgot the three other scents in this range: Pinapple Fizz, Orange Fizz and Apple Fizz (I've only just spotted these in the back of the display photo). I was completely oblivious to them in the shop. I'll swatch and report on these flavours next week.

I went shopping again today, which seems to be happening far too often recently! 

I guess I'm shopping excessively because I'm going home in 3 weeks after being on holiday in New Zealand for almost 3 months (to be exact it'll be 85 days at the end of February) so I'm hauling beauty brands I can't get in the UK eg. Australis and Covergirl and Summer range beauty products.

I discovered a new Revlon display in Farmers today, so I took a picture and then I started swatching the ones that took my fancy. 

My second goof (see below for the first) I forgot to keep the swatches on my hand and when I got home for lunch I washed my hands and rubbed off the swatches and only half gone did I realise what I'd done.

I bought the (Pink) Grapefruit Fizz and the Colada Fizz (Baby Blue) polishes and they had matching lipglosses, for now I've resisted the temptation, but I'm thinking of going back to get the Grape Fizz polish and swatch the lipglosses so maybe I'll end up buying the Grape and perhaps the Watermelon polishes and maybe a couple of the lipglosses - perhaps the lipglosses might be too sticky (for me).

These are brand new scented polishes. We first saw the introduction to the scented Revlon's this past Summer. The Grapefruit definitely has a very nice scent but (to me) I wouldn't say it smelt like Grapefruit. I don't understand why these are called "Fizzes" because they smelt "Fruity" to me. 

Grapefruit Fizz

Colada Fizz
Apologies for the darkness of these photos, but they were taken at dusk and it'd been a cloudy late afternoon.

I like the colours and these two scents. I recommend swatching and smelling these, if you find them.

I'm in love with the two polishes I've bought so I'm definitely going back for more! 

These can be found in New Zealand at Farmers and other pharmacies/drugstores from NZ$18.99, which are about £10 each for the polishes and the lipgloss pricing will follow next week.

My first goof is I completely forgot to look at the pricing for the lipglosses, but I'll do that when I return to buy Grape Fizz and see if the Watermelon Fizz is nice too. 

I was kind of rushed to get home in time for my Mum making lunch so I didn't smell, or swatch the Watermelon flavour but I wasn't too fond of the Mint Fizz, however it may grow on me.

I hope these will launch in the UK and Europe in Spring or Summer 2012!

Stay tuned for more on the Sweetly Sedcuctive range and some NOTD's too.

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