Sunday, 25 March 2012

Miki Cosmetics Passionfruit Lip Sorbet

I've been trying a lot of new brands (new for me) and I bought two Miki polishes (unumbered and unnamed) which are mini bottles in January, the first's a neon orange and the second's a light to medium purple (a bit darker than a lilac), then I discovered Miki make other makeup. I picked up, from a different chemist, the passionfruit lip balm. They also had a strawberry and a vanilla (I think). It was something like $7.50 (under £4) each for 12g, which isn't too bad and I prefer lip balms in tins.

It's sheer, not sticky, not glossy and it's a nice lilac colour, it smells devine and it looks nice on my lips. It's also very hydrating and makes my lips feel smooth and soft.

The packaging for this sorbet is very sweet. I like the colours on the tin (I'm sure I could re-use it) and the product smells very nice. I'd like to try one of the other flavours and I'm keen to try more Miki.

Since buying these three products I've found a Miki Glitter nail polish set in my local chemist and I'm really tempted to buy it - it happens to be the same chemist I bought this lip balm from and the lady puts these things in the window because she knows that unless I go to town this is pretty much my only way of buying beauty and makeup products. Its an independent chemist and my parents know the owner so I'm trying to buy from her chemist rather than spending money on things at a chain chemist in town, the pricing is a little bit more expensive but not by much but I wish she'd stock more makeup.

Miki's very cute and this is a handy sized product, so if you happen to find Miki Cosmetics then try the lip sorbet/lip balm and mini polishes because they aren't expensive. Miki are an Australian company.

Miki's available at Unichem and Life Pharmacy and possibly from Amcal.

You can follow Miki here on Facebook and their website is here.

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