Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Kardashian Kollection Handbag

I'd first heard about the Kardashian Kollection late last year.

In late January, whilst my parents were having a bank account review, I nipped into a few local shops and from across the road I saw the Kardashian poster so I went to take a look.

The shop is called Hannahs and I spied about KK 4 bags there. I didn't look at the prices of those because none of them spoke to me, then I glanced down and saw this little beauty, she was hidden behind another bag, so I took her off the hook and checked her out, a gorgeous nude/pink bag with lots of straps, another removable strap inside to attach to the bag cross body or on your shoulder, and a gold chain handle - all of which can be removed depending which strap you want to use.

My favourite is the gold chain strap and the normal across your arm strap (the large shoulder strap isn't shown in this picture).

If you want this bag the style is Coil and its Nude Pink.

It cost NZ$149.95 (approximately £80), which is not too bad for a nice bag, the gold zippers are very sturdy and I like the hardware, removable straps and the gold badge at the front.

This bag has lots of room inside with a black Kardashian Kollection print inside on a silk like lining and it has a big zipper inside to put a makeup bag, a place for keys and glasses etc and two smaller pockets opposite, one would be for a mobile and the other for a packet of tissues or something small.

This is my first KK bag and I would've liked to purchase a matching wallet/purse for this bag, but they didn't have any.

I've had this bag a while but I've only started using her this past week and I've had so many lovely compliments, which makes me very happy.

You can now buy some KK bags through Avon and there's a new range expected here next month.

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