Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Evans Clothing Haul

I bought two pairs of boot cut jeans last year and I've decided they look terrible on me and I don't like the style. Since last week I've been searching for new jeans and decided to go with the straight leg cut but I can't find any I like here and they ones I found just look ok but I'm not loving them - they seem cheaply made, but expensive, so I decided to place my very first International order with Evans.

As you know, if you've followed my blog for a while, Evans are one of my fave shops in the UK, but I can't go there anymore. They've had International delivery for a while, so I thought I'd place an order for a few things I need for Autumn.

They had a 2 pair of jeans (from a selected range) on a special so it's lucky they included straight leg jeans so I bought a pair in Indigo (navy) and a black pair.

I also found some comfy looking loafer sneakers in black and white and a really pretty multi-coloured scarf called Adele.

Straight Leg Black Jeans

Item code - 34S14JBLK

Straight Leg Indigo Jeans (Navy)

Item code - 34S65KDNM

Black Elastic Volcanised Pumps

Item code - 21S14LBLK

and a Swan by Clements Ribeiro "Adele" Scarf

Item code: 17C21XMUL
I didn't bring any scarves and I haven't been able to find one I've loved enough to buy.

The jeans were £22 each or 2 for £30, the pumps were £19.50 and the Swan by Clements Ribeiro Scarf "Adele" was £35.00. I had a 15% off code as a newsletter subscriber, so the initial order was £98.50, less 15% discount of £26.68 and £9.00 International delivery so the order ended up totaling £80.82.

The confirmation email said the delivery would arrive before Monday, 16th April.

The shoes and scarf were splurges but with the 15% off and actually needing some comfy shoes for winter and a pretty scarf, I decided to go ahead and buy them because the weather is getting cooler (it's Autumn) and two boxes of my things with warm clothes and makeup have left the UK, but they haven't arrived!

If you've never bought jeans from Evans before I recommend them, they are comfy and they last a long time. They aren't expensive and they come in the classic styles. The jeans I'm replacing (bootcuts) were from Bon Marche and they've lasted well, but I prefer the jeans range from Evans.

I would definitely consider placing another order with Evans because I know my UK size and even though our Season's are different, I'd end up with clothing that isn't like everyone else is wearing in NZ. So thankyou Evans for International delivery!

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