Friday, 27 April 2012

My Fave iPhone Apps (April 2012)

I wasn't sure what to write about today, then I remembered I wanted to share my fave iPhone apps with you so I thought I'd do that today.

I'm noticing I'm playing more games on my iPhone (mainly through wifi) and these are just a few of my most used apps.

In no particular order:

I started playing this FREE app in January (thanks to Luke Conard) for mentioning it. It's a game where you build your own tower building. I currently have 60 residents in my tower and 52 floors including a Bank, Gym, Restaurants, Cinema, Bowling Alley, a Candle Shop etc. You can rename the shops etc so I have Starbucks, Laura Ashley, Yo Sushi, Bowlerama, Specsavers and Gold's Gym to name a few.

Follow @Nimblebit on Twitter. Download Tiny Tower on iTunes here.

Words With Friends

I've been loving this game since October, 2011. A few more friends now have iPhone's too and have added me to play the game. It's just like scrabble. I started out using the free version but I got annoyed by the ads so I paid £1.99 to go ad-free. Works over wifi too - so you're not wasting your mobile data (unless your playing away from wifi).

Also available for Android phones. Click here for more information.

I'm addicted to pinning so I had to download the free app to see what people are pinning when I'm not on my Mac. Here's the lowdown on what Pinterest is. There are similar ones popping up like Pinerly, but I'm sticking with Pinterest. It's addictive!

Pose/My365/Instagram and Twitpic

My fave photo apps to post my pictures taken on my iPhone. I'm finding I'm posting more on Pinterest, My365 & Instagram at the moment - all of these are FREE!


A real time app you can check-in on your phone to let people know where you are eg. on The Tube, in a particular restaurant, at Starbucks, a museum, a hotel etc. There are hundred's of thousand's of locations worldwide, if your checking in and the venue isn't listed, you can add it so you can check in and other's can check in later.

After a certain amount of visits to a specific location you become a Mayor. I've been on foursquare since 2009/2010 and I have 52 Mayorship's some in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. If you don't want to publish your location to twitter or facebook just don't set those up when your setting up your foursquare account or un-tick those options when your checking-in on the foursquare app.

If you want to know more, click here for information on Foursquare.
I have quite a few more apps but I thought I'd mention my most used/fave apps atm.

If there's any photos on my blog you'd like to add to your Pinterest account, please use the PinIt button below each post, this was added recently. I think it's nifty!

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What are your fave iPhone apps?
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