Wednesday, 9 May 2012

6 of my Fave Lipstick's (April 2012)

Today, I want to show you my current fave lipstick's!

No order of preference


Verve (370) and Sweetheart (390)

I like these two colour's because they're different shade's of pink, both are sheer but pretty. I also like the smell and I think they last quite a good amount of time on my lips. I can't remember the exact price, but I think they cost under NZ$25.00 each.


Some would disagree and say the Revlon Lip Butters aren't lipstick's and I can see their point but I'm including them. I think they give great colour payoff and are moisturising, pretty shades and just what I like (a lip balm with some lipstick colour) without being too colourful.

Lollipop (075) and Candy Apple (035)

I have 5 lip butters and these are my faves. Lollipop is a fuchsia colour (I don't normally go for) but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and go with bolder colour's. Candy Apple is a red (another colour I've avoided in the past) but I love both of these and I'm happy these are part of the permanent range - I want backup's!


I have 6 NYX lipstick's but my fave two have made the journey with me. Again with the pink's (I can't help that pink lippy's are my fave). Most of my NYX lipstick's were bought in the UK [except for Paparazzi (LSS512a)] because I wanted it before it was released in the UK so I bought it from a US company called Nonpareil Boutique. They ship from the US to most countries - check here and scroll down the page to see if they'll deliver to where you live.

Paparazzi was on-sale last year (an Independence Day Sale) and I bought it for something ridiculous like US$3.00 - I wish I'd bought a backup!

Thalia (LSS529) and Paparazzi (LSS512A)

Australis and ELF

I bought the ELF lipstick and it was a monthly fave for a while. It's a dark pink called Gypsy. I liked it so much I bought one as a backup and one for a makeup swap with my friend Melissa and she said she liked it too.

The Australis is from a new range called Colour Inject and it's a Mineral lipstick. I've never tried a mineral lipstick before and I don't know anything about mineral makeup (a lot has changed since I tried mineral makeup year's ago) this is such a pretty shade of pink which I swatched in KMart. The shade name is Salsa (71033).

I'd definitely like more Australis lipstick's and if ELF releases any new shades then I'd buy a couple of those too. The ELF gypsy is my most worn lipstick that needs to go on heavy rotation because I don't want it to run out. My backup is in the UK and it's going to be some time before my vast makeup collection makes it's way by sea to the Southern hemisphere!

I apologise this post is so late but I had 3 days of issues with blogger not showing the pictures in the post (even though they were uploaded several times). I don't know what was going on but it was very frustrating.

Apologies for the poor swatch pictures but I've got to learn how to do them and the last photo was taken at dusk.

I think if you have at least 4-6 lipstick's that you love and rotate often that's all you need but of course I have more than that and they're all various shades of pink or nude.

The weather is terrible but I'll try filming an April faves. I won't include these as the lipstick's are the same you see here and the only other thing I've been wearing on my lips is a Manuka Honey lip balm to moisturise before applying lipstick.

Do you have a fave brand of lipstick, or is it down to the colour and what's on offer?

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