Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mayday Mayhem 50% Off NYX RSS Lipsticks

This is a Sale on NYX (UK) RSS (Round) Lipsticks!

It started at 1pm on 1st May and ends at 23:59 (BST) on 8th May!

click here to shop at NYX UK Cosmetics

I have quite a few of these lipstick's and I recommend the following:

LSS509 "Narcissus"

LSS512A "Paparazzi"

LSS522 "Circe"

LSS529 "Thalia"

LSS550 "Indian Pink"


LSS620 "Paris"

They're all super pretty and they're not matte, but they're not glossy either.

I haven't tried any other NYXsticks eg BLL, DS, MLC, XTC or their glosses.

If you have a fave RSS shade, please let me know.

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