Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Scandalous by Revlon

I've haven't done a nail of the day for a while because my nails split and were cut short and they haven't grown but I've been using OPI nail envy, my nail's are still short but a lot healthier, they've stopped splitting and are growing but very slowly.

This is a new colour I picked up a couple of week's ago by Revlon "Scandalous" (761). It goes brilliantly with my Julien MacDonald bag, purse/wallet and now it's Autumn I feel it's a dark enough colour to wear this time of year, plus I've also bought new purple jeans to wear with it. Purple's one of my fave colour's!

I bought the bag last Summer from Debenhams. It's one of my fave bags! Julien MacDonald's an English designer. He collaborated with Debenhams to create a range called STAR, which is an affordable range of bags and wallets for the budget minded but fashion conscience UK market. The bag was GBP65.00 and the matching purse was GBP20.00 - it wouldn't have been right to buy one and not the other!

What are your fave colour's at the moment?
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