Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Undressed by MUA Cosmetics


I'm very excited because MUA Cosmetics (one of my favourite UK budget beauty brands) have just revealed a new 12 eyeshadow palette they've called Undressed.

I first discovered it on Instagram when they revealed a new eyeshadow from the palette one at a time (I wish I'd found out about it sooner so I could've started seeing it from the beginning).

Today, they revealed the palette name and asked us to guess the name of the palette (I don't now if anyone guessed correctly) but without further ado here's the gorgeous new Undressed palette.

 All photos are from MUA Cosmetic's Facebook page (link down below).

No Copyright Infringement intended

here's their swatches from the palette

These eye shadow's are very pigmented and this palette is GBP4.00!

Where can I buy MUA?

You can buy MUA Cosmetics from the MUA Store, or if you live in the UK check for the brand at Superdrug. They also make single eye shadows, nail polishes, eye pencil's, lip glosses, lipstick's, mascara, blusher's and bronzer's (there's probably new products that I don't know about).

Unfortunately, I haven't been to a Superdrug since November and now I'm in New Zealand (for a few more month's) I'll be placing orders from the MUA store. What I love is the MUA Store ships to countries outside the UK, the postage price is very reasonable and there's so many products - you're spoilt for choice!

MUA are giving away an Undressed palette,
click here for details on how to enter the competition.

Check out MUA Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter and here's their blog!

Do you have any MUA products you'd like to recommend?

Please comment below and share your for MUA.

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