Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Clements Ribeiro and Evans Haul

This morning felt like it was going to be one of those days. I felt yucky, lazy and I didn't want to go anywhere, see or talk to anyone, but since then I've been to the shop and I bought and have eaten some Cadbury Diary Milk chocolate then my mood changed and I felt much better. I'm pretty sure the chocolate gave me a boost so I decided to do a spot of online shopping!

I've tried to resist temptation to buy new clothes recently to save for a new flat, furniture etc. for my move to Australia in less than a few month's but honestly for a while, I've been waiting for two dresses by Clements Ribeiro to go on-sale at Evans. They launched their line with Evans in April (UK) so now it's 3 month's later and I decided to take a look on the website after dinner (UK morning) and I'm glad I did, because they are on-sale and had plenty of stock so I've finally got what I wanted.

The first dress was initially £55 and the second one initially £75, so I've managed to get them for a very good price (see below) plus the International delivery was only £9 to arrive by 25th June and I'm so happy I can continue to shop with my two fave UK shops online. I was buying online sometimes within the UK too!

Here's the first dress:

Clements Ribeiro Flower and Stripe Print 'Adele' Tunic
£25.00 each Item Code: 17C09XMUL

and Dress 2
SWAN by Clements Ribeiro Spot and Tulip Print '21' Dress
£35.00 each Item Code: 17C10XBLE

I also bought a pair of wedges because they're comfy and I prefer wedges over heels.

Evans Ankle Fasten Espadrilles were £25 now £15 a pair
Item Code: 32T41KBLK

I actually bought the Clements Ribeiro 'Adele' scarf in April and I love it. I paid full price for it which was £35 because I wanted it and I thought it'd sellout but it's now too on-sale and marked down to just £15 each. I posted about it here with a few other purchases I also made in April from Evans online.

It's not that I didn't think the original price for these dresses were expensive, it's just that at the time of year (UK Spring) I wasn't looking for new dresses. I was also New Zealand Summer, but if I'd been in the UK I wouldn't have hesitated because I know I'd have opportunities to wear them. We're almost in Winter here in NZ so I'll store these once they arrive and keep them ready for Australian Summer later this year.

If you were waiting for this range to go on-sale, now is the time to buy them. I'm a big fan of buying out of season clothing and keeping them for the next time that season comes around. I don't care about wearing last season's clothes as long as they're in very good or new condition and I think these pieces will last me for year's.

If you were to ask me which of the two dresses is my fave I'd have to say the first, it's just so unlike anything I'd normally go for, it's bright, it has stripes but print, I love the colour's - everything about this dress is so not the usual thing I'd go for but so far 2012 seems to bring about a big change in me. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone on colour's and style's I'd normally push aside as that won't look good on me or go with my hair colouring etc.

I usually avoid orange and red lipstick's and blushes etc but I'm so into Orange lately I have 4 orange nail polishes and 3 red's. I think you get stuck in a rut and the only way of spicing things up is to be bold so if I want to wear orange, or red I'm wearing those colour's - at the end of the day you're wearing it, not the person who say's it doesn't suit you and I'm past caring about what other's think about my choices.

I apologise this has been long winded but I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me because colour's and style's I'd normally say no way to - now excite me, you have to try things for yourself - be brave, don't let other's create doubts in your mind.

I hope Clements Ribeiro release a Winter range with Evans because I'd definitely be interested in buying winter dresses, skirts and jackets.

Unfortunately, I have to consider prices in GBP cost more in NZ and Australian dollar's (I've been converting for 11 year's whilst living in the UK). I'll slowly get back into buying in Australian currency and I hope to find Australian shops that will satisfy my shopping addiction.

There's now Zara and TopShop in Australia so I'm definitely going to check those out.

Have a lovely day,

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