Friday, 22 June 2012

Mates Rates by Australis Cosmetics NOTD 22/06/12

Hi Ladies,

I mentioned a few day's ago on Twitter that I've been sick, however I feel much better today and it's Friday so I can't help but feel great about it being a Friday afternoon!

It's a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine, blue sky and a slight breeze. The temperature is 12 degrees Celcius but I'm sitting on the deck in the sun and blogging so it feels quite warm, plus I have 2 layers of clothing (we're on the cusp of Winter).

I thought I'd show you this new shade from Australis called Mates Rates. Seriously, this polish is unlike anything I'd normally wear, it's a dark Emerald Green with a bit of Sparkle.

I have 3 other Australis polishes, which I bought earlier this year and I like the formula and the colour's of those too 
I own: Broadcast News, Knickers In A Knot and the Crystal Strengthening Holographic Top Coat called Speck-tacular. I must get around to using those again.

I applied two coats of Mates Rates and I'm very pleased with it. I like to wear Black polish from time to time and this is almost dark enough to look black in certain light (in daylight it really looks a nice green) at night you could say it looks more black. The sparkle's only noticeable in daylight or under lights and it's not super chunky or bright, it's just the right amount of sparkle.

I thought about applying the Speck-tacular topcoat because it has some flakie goodness going on but I thought it'd be too much. I'll definitely try it next time.

2012 has become the year of change (for me) so I'm stepping outside my comfort zone on colour's and style's I would definitely have said No to in 2011 and previously.

The new me likes bright and dark, bold colour's and it also applies with makeup and nail colour's too.

Australis Cosmetics are an Australian brand and can be bought in Australia on their website here, also at Kmart, Target and Priceline for about AU$8.00 per bottle. They also make eyeshadow palette's, many different types of Mascara's, Primer's for your Face and Eyes, pressed Powder's, Bronzer's, Lipglosses, Lipstick's etc. and in New Zealand you can buy Australis at Kmart and Farmers

These polishes are 10ml and retail for NZ$13.50 each.


The NZ distributor sent this to me and I liked it so I decided to use it in a nail of the day. I made no promise of a review. My opinion about this product is 100% honest. The distributor and Australis haven't paid me and this isn't a Sponsored post/video.

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