Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Afternoon Oppshopping 15/06/12

Yesterday afternoon, after I finished a shift at my Volunteer job, I walked to an OppShop (where I bought the Vintage Chanel Box) here and bought these two knit's. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the cardy. I'd say unworn or hardly worn. The zipper works, but it only let's me zip it up when I'm wearing it. It has a double zip. I handwashed this yesterday and dried it near the heater so I could wear it today. The label is HERO, it's 100% cotton. I searched online and found a HERO cardigan at Farmers and it costs NZ$99.99. The OppShop price of my HERO cardy was $2.50!

I also bought this gorgeous pale Yellow Jumper/Sweater. The label is GABLE. It's got a high neck, it's long, with a split at each side at the bottom, perfect to wear with legging's. I'm wearing it with the navy blue cardy today. One minor flaw is a small hole, but you wouldn't notice it unless you looked closely.

This jumper/sweater was also $2.50. I couldn't even make one for $2.50!

OOTD 16/6/12 the jumper/sweater and cardy.

This Oppshop long sleeved casual top was also $2.50. I bought it about 2 weeks ago.

The label is MILLER's and it's a nice casual top with a splash of red and I wear it with jeans.

I should go Oppshopping more often. I seem to find the best clothes, for next to nothing!

Have you ever been Opp Shopping/Charity shopping and what have you bought?

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