Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Revlon products and a Book Haul

I went to town yesterday. I thought I'd show you, in picture's, my new products and book's.
This display had all the polishes on it but someone had put them in the wrong place of the shade name sticker. I bought two and on the bottom row I bought Bare Bones (2nd last) a nice beige, natural colour and on the top row I chose Marmalade (2nd last). 

I was going to buy Bare Bones and Red Carpet (middle row, centre). I prefer Marmalade as a more wearable colour for me. I'm going back for Red Carpet and the first 6 on the bottom row (from left). I quite like top row from left: the purple, the hot pink and the two blue's. ColorStay polishes cost NZ$19.90 each, which is US$16/AU$16. I bought these from  Unichem, they're dearer in Farmer's a$23.99 each.

These are the two colour's. I'm going to wear (300) Bare Bones (left) today.

and then I went to Farmer's and found the ColorStay lip balm's on-sale!
Revlon ColorStory Lip Balms were NZ$18.99 each but on-sale for $10 each,
then an extra 30% price (red spot) sale reduced them further to just $7 each!
I'm definitely going back for a couple more - if there still this price.

The shade names are Pink Crystal (hot pink) and Peach Crystal (coral/peach). Contain sparkle.
I've not tried CoverStory's before so I'm looking forward to wearing them.

As I've said many times before, Revlon are my fave drugstore/high street brand.

Also I've finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy so I was looking for a new book series to read. Allison aka Amarixe suggested these, so I bought first two book's. Usually priced at NZ$18.99 each but I got them on-sale, plus a paper plus card member further discount reduced them to just $12.95 each. 

Australian InStyle Magazine (June 2012) with Miranda Kerr on the cover NZ$9.20 each.

Divergent is the first book and Insurgent is the sequel.

I started reading Divergent last night, so far I like it.

I'm really chuffed to get everything but the Revlon Colorstay Top Coat and the Instyle on-sale. The ColorStay topcoat was NZ$18.99 (I've never tried it before). 

Have you tried the ColorStay polishes, do you like them, got any shades to recommend?

Have you read these two books by Veronica Roth, did you like the story?

Have you tried the ColorStory lip balm's, do you like them, any shades to recommend?

Have a fabulous Thursday. I can't believe it's mid-June already!

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