Thursday, 14 June 2012

NOTD 14/06/12 Revlon ColorStay Bare Bones

This is one of my two new ColorStay polishes. It's a pale shade but in one coat it looked nice but I decided to apply another coat just to make sure. I hope the darker shades require one coat only but I'll have to let you know about that.

I'm very impressed with the new bottle for the ColorStay as well as the brush. It's very similar, if not the same, as the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure nail polish brush, a flatter, paddle stile brush, the application brush holder is longer than the normal Revlon brush, but the new Revlon brush is shorter. I think the new brush works really well to coat your nail in just two brush strokes!

After two coats of polish and one coat of TopCoat I think it looks like a professional manicure, the nail's are glossy, even distribution of polish and within about 5 minutes my nail's were completely dry. This is the first time, in a while, I haven't knocked my nails thinking they were dry and then ruined it and I'm the type that one bodged nail irritates me so I have to wipe it off and start again.
The ColorStay display at Unichem. The lady said they only arrived on Monday.

Bare Bones is on the bottom row, 2nd from the right and the other colour 
I bought is Marmalade and it's on the top shelf, 2nd from the right.

I actually like the first 6 on the bottom row and
Red Carpet on the centre row (centre) and;
on the top row the Purple, the Hot Pink and the two blue shades.

I like the ColorStay bottle. I thought the old bottle's were nice but these new one's will sit well on my shelf because they don't flare out at the bottom like the old one. I don't know why the TopCoat says CoverStay but it's in the old bottle but this Top Coat is (999) and I've never seen it under this number before and I've never tried a Revlon Top Coat before so I'm glad to get my hands on it, it was NZ$18.99 and the Bare Bones was from Unichem for NZ$19.90 each.

I see ColorStay are stocked at Farmers but they're $23.99 each there, so I know where I'll be going to get more of these ColorStay's and unless Farmer's have some exclusive shade's I won't be paying $23.99 each. Farmers have a current Member card offer if you buy one Revlon nail polish, you get another half price.
The Top Coat brush (the old bottle) and the new ColorStay brush (on the right)

So far I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the polish, how nicely it applied and how quick it dried after apply the ColorStay top coat.

I'll let you know if I buy anymore ColorStay's and what I think of the Marmalade I also bought, in a few day's. I'd definitely like to get more of these polishes by Revlon.

How likely are you to buy some of these Revlon ColorStay's?

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