Friday, 17 August 2012

A Quick Haul

Happy Friday!

I've got another haul today, just a few things I picked up at the shop's but I didn't spend too much apart from the Nike's, which I've wanted for a while and I've been trying to track them down and get them ordered in because two shops I went into didn't have my size in stock. I managed to get them ordered in for me at Sportsworld and it took about 5 day's in total, which is pretty good considering they had to get them from Nike's Warehouse in Australia.  

No more big spend's from me for a while and I'm pretty set for beauty products at the moment.

If it doesn't rain (it's supposed to) I'm going to try and take these for a run very soon.

On Sunday I'm having a lazy day at home watching movies starting with The Hunger Games dvd.

Have a lovely weekend!

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