Monday, 20 August 2012

An OPI Haul 3 for 2 at Unichem NZ

I'm writing this article with thanks to Emma at Pampered & Polished. Emma swatched a few of the new shades from the OPI Germany Collection this morning and also mentioned the 3 for 2 on OPI's at Unichem so I made a trip into town to buy 2 OPI's and get one Free.

OPI's are NZ$24.95 each at Unichem or NZ$26.95 at Farmers Stores.

I like OPI so it was too good an offer to pass up! I'd like to go back to Unichem before Saturday (when the offer expires) and buy 2 more shades so I could get another 3 for the price of 2, yes I'm greedy!

The Unichem 3 for 2 Offer includes ALL OPI's including the Designer Series and applies to Nail Treatments eg Nail Envy etc. and the OPI Top Coat etc only on 15ml (fullsize) bottle's.

Today, I bought three OPI's (two of which I've had on a long Wishlist): 

Berlin There Done That from the new Germany Collection (left), which is a Coffee/Milk Chocolate shade, Pink-ing Of You (centre) which is a classic pale pink and (right) Mermaid's Tears which is from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection and it's a pretty Mint Green.

I found out about Pink-ing Of You thanks to Veronika from Veronika's Blushing on YouTube.  Veronika showed her Nail Polish Collection in a video and after I saw Pink-ing Of You I knew I had to have it in my Collection. I liked Mermaid's Tears from posts but it's taken a while to get Mermaid and Pink-ing because I haven't bought OPI's for month's. I'm looking forward to wearing these and I think they're great shades for Spring and Summer (I don't know if we're officially in Spring, but we're close).

Here's a photo of the Germany Collection on the nail sticks at Unichem.

I also like: 
1. Don't Pretzel My Button's
8. Suzi & The 7 Dusselldorfs 
and 9. Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
(I think Suzi is too dark for me to wear in Spring/Summer)

I think Deutsch You Want Me Baby? and Don't Pretzel My Button's might be in my next 3 for 2.

I'm also loving the OPI Spiderman Collection so I might make Just Spotted The Lizard
my 3rd bottle in the 3 for the price of 2 at Unichem!

I'll post NOTD's on each of these 3 new polishes over the next couple of week's.

What's your favourite OPI shade, why do you love it and have you bought a backup?

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