Wednesday, 1 August 2012

#denimdare Day 4

Apologies that my day 4 photo is being posted late on my blog.

Today's the fourth day.  I've enjoyed participating and seeing #denimdare pictures on Instagram and Twitter so I just want to say a big thank you to Andrea Fox In Flats for an awesome challenge!

Here's my Day 4

I hope I can participate in the next one, which I hope will be when she's back from her holiday.

Have an awesome time in New Zealand Andrea!


The Pink Hoody is my new favourite and I bought it for $29 at WarehouseNZ a little while ago

The Jeans (I think) are from ASOS also bought a little while ago

The iPhone4s case was bought from Dollar King for $14 last week

The pink nail polish is called "Today's News" and it's by Australis Cosmetics 
£13.50 from Farmers NZ and Kmart

iPhone Apps:

HD Frames for the layout, Picfx for the effects at the bottom of the photo,
A+ Signature for the BalmainBeauty text and Instagram to post the picture.

I'm definitely wearing my new Purple Jeans tomorrow!

Please don't be surprised if the Pink Hoody pops up again because I love it and I should've bought two when I first found it in the shop! I haven't decided what the top part of the Day 5 #denimdare outfit is yet, but you'll see it tomorrow.

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