Saturday, 4 August 2012

#denimdare Day 7

Tomorrow's the final #denimdare and it's been a lot of fun, thanks Andrea at Fox In Flats!

Enjoy your holiday in New Zealand.

Catchup on my past #denimdare looks: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5

iPhone Apps:

HD Frames Pro for the layout
Picfx: Lights and "Small Hearts"
A+Signature for BalmainBeauty


Blue Jeans from Evans or Dorothy Perkins (2012) 

Pink and White Pinstripe Shirt from Kmart $12.00 (2012) $12.00

Jewellery (video) Silver & Gold Rodium Watch from ASOS, White Leather 
Multiwrap Bracelet by Geena Wong bought from DashLuxe AU$25 (2012) 
and Orelia Charm Bracelet from ASOS £12.00? (2012)

Handbag "Le Pliage" (Black) from Longchamp Paris (2011)

ASOS "Lucy" Ballet Flats (Black) from ASOS £12.00 (2012)

Note: Some items have been worn in other day's because I don't have a lot of my things here

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I like how jeans are fashionable in many different colour's e.g. red, pink, coral etc.

I'm a fan of white jean's in Spring and Summer and I want to buy more coloured jeans.

I'll take my Kmart Purple jeans to the Tailor next week so I can wear them soon.

Do you wear white and/or coloured jeans?

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