Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Revlon Nail Polish Collection

Hi Ladies,

I've tried to film this video 3 times today and on the fourth attempt it finally worked. I'd also previously tried to record it twice on Monday. Why don't things go as smoothly as we'd like sometimes?

This is by no means my entire collection. I have some Revlon polishes in the UK but I don't have access to them and I can't tell you the numbers or names off the top of my head.

I'm actually going to have a blogsale on all of my UK nail polishes so once I get a list of all the numbers, shade names and brands I'm going to put them up on my blog for UK sales only by PayPal. I want to keep the cost as low as possible that's why I can't make it International, sorry.

The price will include postage and packaging and a small paypal transaction fee in a total price. I hope to have the first 25 polishes up within the first week of October. One only each, first come, first served and some are worn a few times and some are brand new but not in sealed packaging. I have a lot of new (unopened) Nails Inc, which I used to be mad on but I'm into Revlon, OPI and China Glaze now.

If you know the perfect Ballet Pink polish by any brand that's not Glittery, Shimmery or Matte please comment below or if you want to recommend a Revlon or other brand shade that I might like based on what I'm showing here, please also comment below because I'm always on the hunt for pretty colour's that I'd wear often. My favourite high street/drugstore brand is Revlon. I've never tried Covergirl nail polishes but I do have a few NYC's and Coral Colours and ColorClub's, are there any NZ brand's I should be looking out for?

Enjoy your hump day!

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