Monday, 8 October 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream [Oily & Combination Skin] (Light/Clair)


I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

I wanted to review this product because many people had asked me in the past couple of week's if I liked it and my thoughts on it, but I only managed to find it (it's new on New Zealand shelves since last week). I bought it on Saturday at my local The Warehouse for under $15, which was at a reduced price because it's a new product. I guess this price is an introductory price. I don't know how much the full retail price will be, or how long the special offer is available for.

I've heard a lot of good things about this BB Cream on YouTube and Blogs, but also a few negative things about it drying out some people's skin because of the alcohol content so I decided today to film an "initial review" and this is bearing in mind I've only used it just once (08/10/12).

I genuinely like it so far, but an in-depth review will follow because I'd like more time to try it out with Face Primer's and Setting Powder's etc. Stay tuned for a full review in around 2 week's time.

Apologies for the lighting, it's a cloudy day. I did the best I could using natural light.

Here's everything I used this morning, except my Aveeno Smart Essentials Moisturiser.

What do you think about the version 2 of the Garnier BB Cream?

What do you think about the original Garnier BB Cream?

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