Monday, 15 October 2012

Kate Moss Rimmel London Matte Lipstick Collection

This collection has not yet been released in NZ but I wanted to mention it.

I first heard about this new Kate Moss Lipstick Collection through a blogpost on the #bbloggers Facebook group by Emily on her blog, Fashion, Beauty, My Take. Please read her post here.

I picked up three of Kate's Lipstick's from her 2011 Collection, which I wrote about here.

Left to Right: 107, 111, 110 and I think the other two are 113 and 101.

This collection is completely matte. No shimmer, no glitter, no gloss.

I don't own any matte lipstick's so I wanted to give these a try, however I do prefer a sheen or gloss.

Thanks to my friend, Pyari from Pyari's Beauty I have two Lipstick's on the way from the UK. I asked Pyari to buy 110 and 111 and I'll haul and swatch them once they arrive. I considered the pink's but I have too many pink lipstick's so I decided to step a little out of my comfort zone this time but I'm not bold enough to wear 107 which looks like a really nice red wine shade, deep berry shade.

If Kate releases another lipstick collection with Rimmel London I hope she'll name them, it's easier to remember a shade name than a number.

Once my parcel from Pyari's arrives I'll haul and swatch these two lipstick's (probably next week).

Once I find out the Australian and New Zealand release I'll post an update.

Do you have any shades from the matte collection?

Are you interested in any of these matte lipstick's?

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