Monday, 8 October 2012

NOTD Pink Cadillac by Rubi

It's Monday already! 

This weekend has flown. I didn't get to finish my list of chores, but I managed to get the bulk of them done and I'll leave the Curtain (Drapes) washing for another day and my stone floors.

I picked up this Rubi nail polish on Saturday from CottonOn and you can see it in my haul here.

Pink Cadillac by Rubi (you can buy this in CottonOn stores and RubiShoes stores in Australia and New Zealand). It was only $2.00 in a buy two get 95 cents off per bottle - it's a fullsize 15ml bottle.

It's a Pink with a Purple tone to it. I guess some might say it's in the Mauve family.

I like that in two coats it was opaque, it dried nicely and I like the colour. 

I'll definitely buy a few more Rubi polishes if I find something I like.

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