Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Star Candle Co. Candles

A few week's ago NZSale were having a Candle sale so I picked up 6 scent's that were $4.00 each.

The candle's arrived yesterday so I thought I'd make a video.

I thought the brand was Betty Crocker but the label says Star Candle Co.  I've never
heard of this brand and I don't know where to buy them in shop's.

I like the scent's (unburnt) but I'd prefer these to be individually boxed or something,
but I guess for $4 each you get what you pay for. I hope they burn and smell nice.

Extinguish candle's if your leaving the room and don't touch the glass whilst wick's are lit.

My next candle will be the Mahogany Teakwood by White Barn sold at Bath & Body Works.

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