Saturday, 13 October 2012

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Can you believe it's Saturday already and it's almost mid-October?

I adore the Coconut scent, when it came time to purchase a different Victoria's Secret scent I decided to go for Coconut Passion because it contains another of my favourite scent's, Vanilla.

I wasn't aware I could order directly from Victoria's Secret website and they'll deliver to Australia and New Zealand (check to see if they'll deliver to your country) here. I found out about this a few day's ago by contacting Victoria's Secret on Twitter and they replied by DM.

I ordered Coconut Passion Fragrance (250ml) from a US eBayer, the cost of the product and shipping were reasonable. I received the order within a week. If you would like to order from the eBayer I ordered from, his eBay shop is hereI don't profit financially from recommendations and sales!

What I like about this scent

Coconut and Vanilla together is devine and the fragrance is a refreshing formula infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. It last's a very good amount of time on my skin.

Would I buy this fragrance again? Yes, definitely!

Would I try a different fragrance from their fragrance mist range? Yes, definitely!

I also have the Red Plum and Freesia Fragrance Mist. I've been using it every second, or third day in September until last week (both of these mist's will be in my monthly favourites for October, which I'll upload in a week or so), it's time to put away the red plum and freesia because the scent is strong. I like it, but I prefer Coconut Passion for this time of year (Spring) NZ. I'll definitely start wearing the red plum and freesia again in the Autumn/Fallm but that's not going to be until mid next year.

As you can see, I've used a fair amount since I bought this last month and I'm already thinking about placing an order for another bottle of this scent.

Note: It looks like liquid's such as fragrance mist's and perfume's cannot be ordered from Victoria's Secret website for International delivery. I guess this is a restriction because it's being carried on aircraft. Clothing and accessories have no such restriction, that I'm aware of.

If you can get your hands on these fragrance mist's I recommend this scent. I'd recommend the Red Plum and Freesia, but it may not be for everyone because it's strong. If you can spritz these, I believe there's a Victoria's Secret store at Westfield Stratford in London check them out. I think the Bond Street Store has opened too so your very lucky to be able to test these out in person. I wish that was an option for me. The only way for me to do that is to depart Sydney International or Domestic Airport because there's a shop in both part's of the airport on the plane side, but I have no plan's to go to Sydney at the moment. However, I'll be going to Sydney IMATS next October, but that's a long way off and I might even have moved permanently to Australia by then, I'm not sure at this stage.

I'm interested in the Pink range, if you have any of these scented products, comment below.

I'd like to try a body lotion, body butter and makeup so I think I'll place an order with Victoria's Secret before Christmas and pick up some bargain's, maybe in a giftset.

Coming up: is an MUA Cosmetics Haul (unfortunately, I've almost used up my 40gb data allowance) so I'll blog this haul and once I have a new monthly data allowance I'll haul them in a video.

Until next time,

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