Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bioderma Sensibio H20

I'd been wanting to try Bioderma for a long time after hearing about it so much on YouTube and on Blog's so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it, but when I contacted Bioderma to ask where I could buy it in New Zealand, they said they don't sell it here so I took to eBay and found a reputable Seller in the UK and ordered two 100ml bottle's. They arrived within about 5 day's, which is pretty good, the postage was reasonable, plus the security tag was in tact so the bottle was un-opened.

Bioderma are a French brand. I remember when I first heard about it a couple of year's ago (I think it was from the Pixiwoos on YouTube or maybe it was Lisa Eldridge) it was more widely available in French Pharmacies at the time, and it was hard to find and/or very expensive to buy, or have shipped to the UK but now it seems to be more readily available and reasonably priced. 

Bioderma Sensibio H20 is a makeup remover, it looks like water (but you don't rinse after using it) it's fantastic at removing stubborn eye and face makeup. My skin is lapping this up and feel's and look's much clearer and cleaner. I use it all over my face and eye's and it gives a really good deep clean.

How and When I use it:

I use it twice a day. First thing in the morning, before showering, then I use Aveeno Daily Face Wash and the Aveeno Day Moisturiser (read my post about Aveeno Smart Essentials here). I again use Bioderma at night to remove all my makeup and then I use the Aveeno Daily Scrub, the Aveeno Daily Face Wash and the Aveeno Night Moisturiser (since starting to use Bioderma I haven't used any pre-soaked makeup wipes). I enjoy using this product. I can see it does a much better job than a makeup wipe does and I only ever used makeup wipes to get rid of most of the makeup before Cleansing and Moisturising - now I see no need for makeup wipes, unless I run out of Bioderma, or perhaps it'd be for travel purposes but I hope I never want to buy makeup wipes again!

This is what Bioderma's website says about the product:

 At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O micelle solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up.

The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH).

 Soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing.

 Sensibio H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance (tested under ophthalmological supervision).


 Sensibio H2O is an ultra-mild cleansing formula, use it with the utmost care.
Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O and cleanse the face and eyes and/or remove any make-up.
Repeat the application until the cotton pad remains clean.

 Sensibio H2O needs no rinsing, but it is essential to dry your skin. Dry gently. Dab your face with a clean cotton towel.

 Sensibio H2O can be used daily, morning and evening.


Fragrance-free formula.
Alcohol-free. No phenoxyethanol.
100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.


I've been using Bioderma for 3 week's and I've already noticed how much cleaner my skin look's. I really do love this product and will keep using it as long as I don't start breaking out.

The Sensibio version is targeted towards Sensitive Skin and it's Hypoallergenic.

The initial order I placed was for 2 x 100ml bottle's (I didn't want to buy a 250ml bottle in case it didn't work for me), but after about 3 day's I decided to take the plunge and order 250ml bottle's). I ordered from the same seller on eBay and it cost under £15 for the 2 x 250ml bottle's + airmail postage (about £25 with postage). The 250ml bottle's have arrived in the last couple of day's and I'm ready to start using a 250ml bottle tomorrow.

Every 2 or 3 month's I like to switch up what I'm using because my skin adapt's to product's too quickly. I'm keen to see if Bioderma will work just as well, or better in conjunction with drugstore , high street, pharmacy skincare so I'll let you know.

I recommend you give it a try, please let me know if you would like the link to the seller I bought from on eBay, he is based in the UK and ship's Bioderma worldwide. I don't receive any Commission payment's through Sales from the Seller or Referral's. I just like to recommend eBayer's who I think are professional, friendly and who don't charge too much for product's and/or for postage.

Have you heard of Bioderma before? Would you try Bioderma?  

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