Sunday, 4 November 2012

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty TherapyTM: Damaged, Coloured Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

I'd seen the new CLEAR haircare range in Australian magazines recently so I was keen to try it after reading about it. In Australia, the gorgeous Miranda Kerr is fronting their advertisement and in the US it's the beautiful Heidi Klum (they both have absolutely luscious looking healthy hair).

I didn't know Clear was out in New Zealand until I found it whilst shopping in New World earlier this past week. I was actually in a bit of a rush so I didn't have time to read the information on the bottle's for the fullsize so I grabbed a bunch of 50ml trial sizes I chose the Damaged, Colour Treated formulation Shampoo and the matching Conditioner (they were 99 cents each).

I've used both three times and very early on my scalp felt clean, without being over dried, or irritable, also my hair is easier to comb through after use. I have a sensitive scalp, which is prone to adapting to products too quickly and sometimes certain shampoos can irritate my scalp, but I've had no such problem with this (I have three different brand's of shampoo and conditioner's on rotation at the moment) but I'm favouring this one because it gives me better result's both in cleanliness and softness.

Clear's website says:

Strong, beautiful hair start's at the scalp: Just as a good soil is to a tree, a well nourished scalp is the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. For year's Women have been treating the wrong ends of their hair. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY TM, made with Nutrium 10 TM, nourishes your scalp, the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair.

The Clear range also says it nourishes your scalp and they have an Anti-Dundruff shampoo and conditioner for men as well as a shampoo and conditioner for normal, oily and dry hair. I chose the Damaged and Colour Treated as my hair is coloured. There is also an Ultra Shea shampoo and conditioner and a Hair Treatment Conditioner/Mask for each range but I couldn't find it.

Click here to read how it work's. 

This coming week when I go back to New World I'm going to buy the fullsize bottle's of the Dry, Colour Treated Shampoo and Conditioner and I hope I can also get the Hair Mask/Deep Conditioning Treatment for Dry, Colour Treated Hair.

The shampoo has a nice scent, a light floral scent. The list of ingredient's is very small text on a 50ml bottle. Click here for the full list of Ingredients (for the bottle's I have) a Summary: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Hydrogenated Soy Bean Oil. It contains Water and Sodium Laureth Solfate (SLS) and I didn't see any Paraben's listed.

I'm really pleased I tried this and I'm looking forward to introducing it into my haircare routine starting this coming week and if I develop any allergy or irritation I'll definitely post an update.

I think you'll be able to find this at Pak N' Save and Countdown in New Zealand, I got mine in New World. In Australia it's available at: Coles, BigW, Woolworths, IGA and Priceline.

Clear Healthcare have an Australian website here and a Facebook page here.

Have you heard about, or tried this range yet, and what do you think of it?

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