Saturday, 24 November 2012

Kate Moss Matt Lipsticks/Rimmel London (101 & 113)

A few week's ago, I found a seller on Ebay to buy the final two lipstick's I wanted from the new Rimmel London Kate Moss Matt Lipstick range, which are 101 and 113 (as far as I know they're still not available to buy in NZ and I don't know when they're coming out).

I now have 4 of the 5 lipstick's from this collection. Unfortunately, I didn't like the look of 107, it's a red wine/deep berry and I probably wouldn't wear it so I chose colour's I know I'd wear.

If you want to see my previous post about shade's 110 and 111, please click here.
My favourite's from the 4 I have are: 101 and 110

I also like 111 but it's not an everyday lipstick (for me) and 113 is a pretty nude and I like it, but maybe I'd wear it more during Summer.

What I like about all of the lipstick's in this range is the pigmentation, good colour payoff but I personally don't think they're super matt (not on my lip's) and they smell nice. I'm picking up a faint Rose scent, but it's not quite rose if that makes sense. I also think it remind's me of a herbal tea scent. 

I find they wear for quite a few hour's with eating and drinking, but they don't last all day (for me), also I haven't noticed if the lipstick comes off on cup's and mug's but I've managed not to get it on my teeth, which you may be interested to know. A lot of red and dark lipstick's bleed on my lip's and I'm not a fan of lip liner's so if I really wanted to wear a good application of 110 and 111 I'd have to make sure my lip's aren't dry and very moisturised and keep a check on how it's looking.

It may look from the swatch that 110 and 111 are almost the same, but one is a pinky red and the other is a brighter red kind of orange.

Overall, I like this range. I wished I liked 107 because I'd like to have the 5 lipstick's to complete the collection. If you have 107 and aren't keen on that colour normally, I'd like to know what you think. 

I hope this range of lipstick's are available in Australia and New Zealand in the very early New Year! I want to be able to chat with fellow southern hemisphere blogger's about these lipstick's because they're really nice and we all know how outrageously expensive a good lipstick is here. 

I think I prefer this range of the matt lipstick's to her range of lipstick's that were released last year in the black bullet. I bought two from that range and they're still amongst my makeup collection in the UK. 

I think I should mention I paid for all of these lipstick's, my friend Pyari from Pyari's Beauty sent me shades 110 and 111 because she could buy them on a special offer through Rimmel London's Facebook page and I paid for them. I think they were £3.33 each or something super cheap like that, plus the Double Decker Red nail polish was included for free - approximately (NZ$6.50, AU$5.10 or US$5.35) so I'd have been crazy not to give them a try for this price.

I generally like Rimmel London's affordable beauty product's and the two from a UK eBayer totalled £11.55 including Airmail postage (NZ$22.50, AU$17.70 and US$18.50). 

If you have any of the Kate Moss Rimmel London Lipstick's, which shade(s) are your fave?

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