Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Silly Spring Tag

Happy Saturday,

Yesterday, I posted the Silly Spring tag which Rachel from Just Sugar and Spice tagged me to do about a month ago and I forgot to do it, sorry Rachel.

Another tag I've filmed is the What I Heart About Australian Beauty Guru's here.

I thought I'd post The Silly Spring tag here just in case it may not have shown up in your subscription feed on youtube, which I'm personally having a problem with - quite a few people's channel's I subscribe to I'm not receiving notification on new videos and  I don't what I can do other than hope they post the link on their facebook page or on twitter. I don't think youtube will ever get it 100% right and the recent changes were too much, it took me 5 minutes to find where I can check messages and comment's but I do like the new layout and also that they now have an official iPhone app.

Also, I just wanted to let you know even though I find my Facebook page relatively easy to maintain, I've decided to check out Google+, so if you use it and would like to add me to your Circle, please click here for my Google+ profile. I've also added an icon under the Social Media button's on the right hand side, top right of my Blog. I don't know how it work's but I thought I'd start posting link's on it. If you use Google+ please add me to your Circle and I'll add you to mine and I might grow to like it more, the more I use it and interact with other google+ user's.

Are there any tag's you think I should film?

Future Tag video's I film will be uploaded to my Vlog channel here, please Subscribe!

I only posted the two tag's I've done on my main channel in case it was interesting to my subscriber's but then I decided I want to keep them separate because not everyone like's tag videos and vlog's.

p.s I've also embedded my watermark in top left of all my my recent video's because a lot of video content is being copied and posted on different sites and some of the well known Youtuber's are having content stolen, people create fake channel's similar to the existing name's. I thought it was a good idea to mark my video's with my BalmainBeauty image so you know it's mine.

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