Monday, 26 November 2012

Twilight Beauty Nail Varnish Collection

On my way home from Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 on 15th November, I popped into Unichem, which is dangerous - but it's on the way to the bus-stop and you know it's hard to walk past a shop you love because you know it's full of lovely thing's! My plan  was to be in there no more than 3 minutes and I needed to go there because I needed to buy ear drop's.

I wasn't intending to buy anything else but I alway's head straight to the OPI display and this was sitting on the top shelf, it's the first time I'd seen it, or even knew about it so I bought one $19.99. I didn't stop to lust over OPI though I noticed the shelves were fully stocked.

I've never bought anything Twilight except movie ticket's, the book's and the blueray's. I had no idea there were official nail polishes other than the Nox one's, which I've resisted temptation to buy from (sorry I tried to link to the Nox Twilight nail polishes but they appear to have been removed) they look very similar to the Ciate polish bottle from memory.

I literally saw this Twilight Beauty pack as I was approaching the OPI stand, grabbed one, before temptation made me cave and I'd start looking to buy other thing's and headed to the chemist counter for the ear drop's and I paid and started to walk out. I ended up smelling Marc Jacob's Dot perfume and Thierry Mugler's Alien because I want those and now they're both $99 each...tempted but I don't have spare cash, maybe closer to Christmas - if they've not sold out.

I couldn't wait to show you so I Instagrammed the above picture from the bustop.

I posted two of the polishes on my Instagram as  NOTD and I've included these below, but today I'm wearing the final colour, a pinky plum and there's a light silver shimmer inside, all the bottle's contain the silver shimmer, but it doesn't seem to come out on the application brush.

I wore the purple the first night. All are 15ml bottle's, the purple look's almost like a navy shade. I love this one, it's my favourite of the 3! I can't wait to wear this in Autumn and Winter 2013!
The purple lasted about 2-3 day's and then I broke a nail so it had to come off. I then applied the Nude shade, which is a peachy sort of gold.
I like the nude because it's a work appropriate shade.

They apply nicely though a little bit runny, just wipe off one side of the brush to apply. I found two coat's only were needed for the nude and pink but I felt the purple required a third coat, and each one lasted quite nicely with my 999 Revlon ColorStay Top Coat for 2-3 day's, but once it shrink's or chip's I have to wipe my nail polish off, even if I break a nail, because it just bug's me until I have clean nail's.

What do you think of these colour's, would you buy this set?

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