Saturday, 1 December 2012

LUSH Ponche Shower Gel

Today, I'm reviewing Ponche by Lush. Ponche is a Limited Edition Shower Gel.

Firstly, can someone please let me know how you pronounce this product? I'm calling it Ponchay or Ponch. If you know, please comment below.

I bought this two week's ago and I've tried it twice in a morning shower. Unfortunately, I didn't really think much of the scent. In the morning I like sweet or citrus smell's which help me wake up and feel ready to face the day. This scent, although quite pleasant just isn't packing a punch in the morning!

Lush says:
Citrus Oils, Davana Oil and Buchu are combined to give a tropical, fruity, juicy aspect to this fragrance. Freshly squeezed orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila for your own little party in the shower.

Ponche is an Orange coloured shower gel and I'm finding I like it much better when I get home from work and have a shower, or in my evening shower before going to bed.

How Do You Use This Shower Gel?
I use approximately a 50 cent coin worth (50p). I squeezed this out on my hand so you could see what a pretty colour it is, believe me I didn't waste this because I unscrewed the cap and it went back into the bottle. I use one of those Mesh Shower Sponges and make sure it's wet, then apply a small amount of Ponche and rub the wet sponge over my body, it lather's up nicely and the scent is nice, but I think it could be a lot more punchier for a more fruity, juicy, citrus and tropical experience. I don't dislike this shower gel but I'd prefer it to be more of a stronger combination of scents (as mentioned above).

I don't know how long Ponche is around so if you really want to try this, go to Lush and check it out in-store, or buy it online. I bought the 100g bottle at NZ$12.50 from LushNZ online.

Would I buy this again?
Probably not. I like the scent and the colour but I it's not one of my favourite Lush shower gel's so the 100g bottle will last a while. It's a nice product and it was nice try but I'm so much more a Snow Fairy girl in my morning shower and I have a whopping 500g bottle to use, plus I'm buying another 500g bottle to hopefully last me until Christmas 2013. Snow Fairy is another Limited Edition/Christmas only product and it's my fave Lush shower gel of the one's I've tried so far.

The next Lush shower gel I want to try is Twilight. I absolutely love the sample included in my order.

Which shower gel from Lush is your favourite and why?

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