Friday, 7 December 2012

NOTD 07/12/12 OPI You Only Live Twice

I bought Tomorrow Never Dies and You Only Live Twice a few week's ago. I wore TND earlier this week but it's not a work appropriate colour so I only had it on for a couple of day's but I absolutely loved it and I received a few compliment's on my Instagram. See TND here. TND is a dark purple, navy blue sparkle/glitter. I can't wait to pop it on my toes when I rock my Havianas or one of my many pair's of Sandals this Summer!

Tonight, because I'm not working until Sunday I put YOLT on my finger's and toe's. At least I can wear keep wearing it on my toes at work because my shoe's cover my feet.

This is an absolutely perfect Red (if you adore Glitter) for Christmas! It remind's me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's Red Ruby Slipper's. I also have China Glaze Ruby Pump's I think it's called but this is a more beautiful colour. I'd describe it as a Raspberry Red rather than a Blue toned Red. I apologise for the bag quality photo but it is night-time and I wanted to get this up now so it has time to dry before I go to bed. I should've done it after dinner when it was still light. Not one of my best NOTD pix. I even slapped it on and haven't tided up very well but I'm sure you'll forgive me just this once.

FYI the little heart's are an effect in an app called PicFX, 
this app is a Free download from the Apple App Store.

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday. I might be going on a day trip, but it depends on if I can get enough sleep tonight or how I feel in the morning because I'm working on Sunday.

What colour polish will you be rocking on Christmas Day? (Finger's and/or Toes).

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