Monday, 28 January 2013

Glam Pack from Sample Bar (January 2013)

I apologise it's taken almost two week's to write a post about the first Glampack for 2013.

This month is Ready Set Jet!
Left to Right: a Pink Twistband Hair Tie, a Steam Cream, 2 Solution Buds (eye makeup remover/corrector buds with a makeup removing solution included in the bud), Le Tan Coconut Lotion SPF30 and a Super-Hydrating EyeCream.

The first thing I picked up was the Twistband (because I adore pink) initially, I thought it was a friendship bracelet and I suppose you could wear it as one and I have, but I've also worn it to pin-up my ponytail because I can't be bothered styling my hair for work because I'm busy from start to finish.

The next thing I picked up is the Le Tan because I love Le Tan product's and I didn't know they had an SPF30 in a Coconut scent, which is one of my fave scent's and I've already started using it and will be purchasing another one at the end of the week. Then I picked up the pretty silver tin with Sunflower's on it and thought it might be a big pot of lipgloss, lip balm or maybe a indulgent body lotion. A Steam Cream is a Moisturiser for your Face, Body and Hand's so it's perfect for Summer and it's also Vegan friendly so I can't wait to try this. I have almost run out of my usual Eye Cream so this one from Air Repair is next one to try. I'm pretty picky with my eye cream's so I'll have to let you know if I liked it and I see result's in the next few week's but it's 15ml so I should be able to get quite a lot of application's out of the tube to make a fair assessment of the product. The makeup removing/corrector Eye Buds are pretty useful but I don't really see a need for me to use them on a regular basis.

After looking at each product, the standout's in this box in my opinion are: 

The Twistband because I think it's colourful, pretty and very useful because my hair is long and constantly needs to be put up. I'm definitely thinking about buying more twistband's from the Sample Bar glamstore they cost $2.95 each, or you can buy packet's containing 3 in different colour's for $8.50, which is within my budget for hair accessories and you can also buy Twistband Headband's from the Glamstore and they are $18.50.

The Steam Cream (75g) is $29.95 and the one I received is fullsize so I'm very pleased with it, although I haven't started using it yet because I like to finish other moisturiser's before starting new one's but it'll be the one for me to try and if I like it $30 is not unreasonable for a good Moisturiser.

The Super-Hydrating Eye Cream (15ml) is $17.50 and the one I received is fullsize. I can't wait to try it also, if I like it I might repurchase it because I like changing product's and seeing if there's a more affordable product that has better result's and that's what I love about beauty sample boxes.

The Le Tan SPF30 Coconut Lotion (30ml) because it smell's devine and I like that it's thick, but not too thick and it's not a sticky lotion, it protect's skin and it only costs $5.95. This is a definite re-purchase!

I'm not too sure about the Eye Buds (I'm going to send these to a friend) they are a good idea and cost $12.99 for 20 bud's but they are my least favourite thing in the box because I'm not a heavy eye makeup wearer and I very rarely have a mascara or eye-liner mishap.

Total subscription price for the box is $25 per month (including Courierpost delivery)

Total amount of product's by price's in this month's box = $56.39!

If you haven't heard about Sample Bar and live within New Zealand you can subscribe here, they are opening up new subscription's every month. If you are already a SampleBar subscriber there's no need to re-subscribe you'll be sent your box every month for as long as you wish to subscribe, contact SampleBar if you wish to unsubscribe and you can do that by contacting Customer Service's.

To sum it up now that we're 4 boxes into the service I think SampleBar is very good value for money and I've liked most of the item's they've sent me in the October, November, December and January boxes. November's the standout box for me followed by December and January so I'm going to continue paying for my subscription and I want to make that clear, yes I pay for my box every month and if I don't like something I'll be honest about it it. I would even do so if I was being sent a product to review. Honesty is utmost importance to me and I'll never say I like something if I don't and I'm very lucky I have never bought something, or been sent something to review that I absolutely disliked but if I did I'd be honest and tell you why I didn't like it and why I wouldn't buy it or buy it again!

Which product's are your fave(s) from the January box?

If you received a product completely different to mine, please comment below.

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