Monday, 28 January 2013

Ulta3 Summer Citrus Moisturising Lipstick [Swatches]

Apologies for the lateness of the Ulta3 Summer Citrus Moisturising Lipstick's swatches. Time's not on my side now that I have a busy Hospitality job so I thanks for being patient with me!

photo courtesy of Ulta3's Facebook page. No Copyright Infringement intended.

If you haven't seen my previous post about this lipstick range, please click here.

(055) Oh So Cute is a light to medium pink. It's an everyday shade for any occasion.

(056) Irresistible is a light peach/coral. It's an everyday shade for any occasion.


 (057) Sunkiss Me is a light to medium coral/orange. It's an everyday shade for any occasion.


(058) Sand Dune is a light to medium Peach/Coral/Orange. It's an everyday shade for any occasion.


I'm not wearing any other makeup today so I had to resize the picture's, there are no filter's on these swatches. I took them in the afternoon in natural light. They are all light coverage lipstick's but I guess you could build up the colour a little, or make bolder by applying over a darker similar colour lipstick and also if you wanted them super glossy just pop a lip gloss on the top. 

I don't like super glossy lip's nor super matte lip's so these are perfect for me but I wish there were more shade's in this collection. I most definitely would've splashed the cash on these lipstick's had there been a stockist near me when I enquired about them and though I now have 2 stockist's it'll take me 1 hour in each direction to get to the chemist's with Ulta3 so maybe in a month or two I can checkout other Ulta3 product's when I have business in the town that's closest to me with a stockist. 

In this lighting, it is fair to say that (056), (057) and (058) are very similar in colour and my lip's are usually flush with a bit of pink in them so it look's to me the tiniest fraction of a shade difference. I also apologise for the poor photography but I've never been, nor claim to be an expert in swatching. 

My faves are (055), (056) and (057) I also do like (058) but I'd reach for the other 3 more often. I'd still wear (058) and am pleased with it, I don't dislike it, but I'm drawn to the 3 colour's.

I like that Ulta3 are Australian, the product's I have are very good quality (I also have 3 nail polishes) and this brand is affordable so if your budget is small I think they are very good quality for the price and I can't wait to try more Ulta3 product's in the future. This brand is definitely on my radar!

Do you have the Ulta3 Summer Citrus Lipstick's and what do you like about Ulta3?

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