Sunday, 3 February 2013

Empties Video (Oct/Nov 2012 to Jan 2013)

Sorry it's taken me a while to film this video. I finally got around to doing so yesterday and I was waiting until I found time to make the video so I could recycle the empty bottle's and/or throw the non-recyclable bottle's out in the rubbish. It felt good after the video went up to throw them out.

I'll try and make another Empties video in March if I have at least 5 or 6 empty bottle's to show you.

Which product's (in this video) have you also used and liked, or disliked?

One thing I wanted to ask but forgot is if I was to get a PO Box for you to send me postcard's and letter's if you would like to do that? I don't expect any present's etc but it'd be really nice if you like my video's to write to me and let me know if you have a channel too and where in the world you live, and I'll read out a list of blog's and youtube channel's in a special video of What Came In the Post this week. What do you think? I'm not a fulltime blogger and I don't earn lot's of money from YouTube so I'm not going to read out product's or brand's that are launching etc but if you have a blog, or an ETSY store and you make your own Jewellery etc.  I could let my subscriber's know about you and it'll be done as a mention - no money changing hand's and no sending product's for me to try in the hope I'll mention your brand. It's just an idea - kind of thinking about it as a ShoutOut for helping each other find new people to Subscribe to on YouTube or follow Blog's etc.

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