Wednesday, 13 February 2013

[Review]: Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty TherapyTM: Damaged, Coloured Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Back in November, I wrote about this product here saying "I'm really pleased I tried it". However, after using it between November and mid-late January, 2013 I've discovered my scalp has decided it doesn't like this product anymore.

In say the past month I've been using this product every second time I wash my hair which runs to about twice a week (in a 7 day period) and I think there's now something in this product that's making my scalp irritable, it contain's Sulphate, which I think might be the problem. This may sound gross but I feel I need to go into detail about this product so you really get the full run down of why I'm having a problem with it now:

my scalp became so irritable that I had slight bumps form and then a few day's later these turned into sores on my head (small like a pimple) so I realised I now had an allergy, which was probably the next day after the last time I used it. I decided this was the culprit so I stopped using it, it may not have been the shampoo itself but the conditioner, which I also used after the shampoo every single time I used both product's consecutively, but either way I now have about 4 small shampoo's of this product I now cannot use, well I should say I'm not risking an irritable scalp just to use up the product.

I had such high hopes for this product, I honestly really liked it in the first month of using it but maybe I washed my hair too frequently or maybe it had residue from the other shampoo I was using and they chemically fought each other (if that's possible) I just don't know but I've stopped using it and wouldn't repurchase this product and if like me you suffer from an irritable or very sensitive scalp I would seriously test this out once or twice if you wanted to try it but if you develop an allergy to it, stop using it right away!

My scalp was that sore that even combing through my hair 3 day's after the allergy started was painful and my hair felt limp and oily despite using a different brand of shampoo and it took a good part of a week after the first symptoms for these sores to start to heal and I was even so worried about my scalp that I had to cancel a hair dye appointment because I was so embarrassed and there's no way that any dye applied to my hair wouldn't have stung the hell out of my scalp! I feel like its very important to be completely honest with you so yes I did like it but the more I used it the more my scalped hated it and I've never ever had a reaction like that to using a shampoo and wouldn't think I'd have a problem with these lush sounding ingredient's:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, 
Sweet Almond Oil and Hydrogenated Soy Bean Oil.

I would now rate this product after continued use for about 3 month's a 1 out of 5. 1 being the lowest rating I could give it but it may not give you the same problem's I had with it but for all you Sensitive Scalps out there I don't think it's worth the risk unless you feel you want to try it yourself and I hope you don't go through anything so painful, embarrassing and horrifying as I did but I have to listen to my scalp and say no to Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy and I wouldn't try it again unless they removed the Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) and the many Parabens also contained in the ingredient's.

Have you tried this shampoo and conditioner and did you have any problem's 
with it, or does it work a treat for you? It's affordable and sold in most
Supermarket's in Australia/New Zealand and is also available in the UK and USA.

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