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Guestpost: Autumn/Fall Nail Trend's for 2013 by MyFoxyCorner

Hi all!
I'm Lizzy from over at where I post about makeup, music, baking, book's, life and all things in between! Karen has been a great friend since I started blogging and when she asked me to do a guest post I was stoked, excited and nervous all at once. I love her blog and spent ages trying to think of something I could write that would both represent me and also be good enough for her! 

In the end I chose to share with all of you lovely readers 8 of my favourite Fall/Autumn trend's for nail polish seeing as down in the Southern Hemisphere we are now slowly transitioning into the season. I love autumn nail polish as there is the opportunity to play with a huge range of colour's and finishes. In each category/idea i'll include a few of my "wishlist" nail polishes as well as one in my own collection that I love. So without further ado, here are 8 "trends" that I am loving for this season.

Hate the name but adore the trend that swept through the Northern Hemisphere during Fall/Winter (this was the big thing and I can see why!). There is something super sexy and edgy about nails the colour of oxidized blood and a deep red is a great addition to any Autumn look. 
1. Deborah Lippmann in Single Ladies - a beautiful, deep oxblood jelly type polish with a squishy and  vampy appearance. A gorgeous, glossy polish that I wish was easier to obtain in NZ.
2. Chanel in Rouge Noir #18- So this is definitely a "I wish" shade as I think it is now quite hard to find. This dark red/brown shade is dark without being black and is a perfect example of how sexy and classy the colour of dried blood can be!
3. Essie in Skirting the Issue - I love Essie nail polishes so this slightly berry toned dark red jelly is something I would love to get my hands on.
4. OPI in Skyfall - this is my pick from my own collection. I don't have many oxblood's but this reddish brown from OPI's recent Bond collection is a gorgeous option. Not as deep and dark as some other oxblood shades but still definitely within the category.

Eggplant purples are a classic trend every autumn and one that I very much agree with. These dark, rich purple shades are elegant and sophisticated and go perfectly with Autumn wardrobes.
1.Zoya in Katherine - Zoya isn't readily available in NZ but if it was I would snatch up this glossy, jelly eggplant purple shade in a snap!
2. ChinaGlaze in Urban Night - a slightly brighter eggplant purple creme.
3. Deborah Lippmann in The Dark Side of the Moon - how I wish I could buy many many Deborah Lippmann's! They are perfection in a square, glass bottle!
4. OPI in Vampsterdam - This was from the Holland collection of 2012 which I loved in it's entirety! This is a shimmery/metallic take on the eggplant trend.

Autumn is the perfect time to bring out the edgy khakis and earth tones that are a little bit daring and different but very chic and on trend! These look amazing paired with a bold autumn lip. Somehow I have yet to add these shades to my little collection but they are top of my list. Here are 4 I wish I did have!
1. China Glaze in West Side Warrior -  This creme polish leans towards the army green/camo colour and I love it! Edgy and a bit "ugly" but stunning on the nails. Until you try these edgy shades you won't realise how gorgeous and fashion-forward they look!
2. Dior Vernis in Amazonia - ahhh if money was no issue this brown toned olive creme would be bought in minutes! 
3. YvesSaintLaurent in Khaki Arty - Another one out of my price range is this timeless shade of golden khaki. Imagine this paired with a bold, matte red lip!
4. Essie in Armed and Ready - As a contrast to the three other cremes here is a gorgeous shimmery grey-toned brown with some olive shimmer thrown in there. Stunning. 

Emerald Green
We can't ignore Pantone's colour of 2013 and rich, emerald greens are something that will be extremely popular throughout this year! Whether you choose a spectacular shimmery green or a classy creme the result is something elegant and edgy. 
1. Butter London in British Racing Green - Shimmery emerald goodness all wrapped up in Butter London's flawless formula.
2. Essie in Stylenomics - A very dark, almost black, green opaque creme with a little bit of a blue tone thrown into the mix.
3. MAC in Deep Sea - A gorgeous dark green creme polish that would be classy and sophisticated.
4. Barry M in Racing Green - The pick from my collection is this deep emerald green with beautiful, bold shimmer. 

Nudes (Mauve toned)
I am a fan of nude nail polish in any season but this autumn I drawn towards more warm toned, subtle mauve nudes.Dusty mauve nudes are classy yet work/school appropriate and are a great palette cleanser for your nails when you need a break from all the deep, saturated shades you've been wearing. 
1. Essie in Don't Sweater It - A beautiful, subtle mauve creme. If there is one thing Essie does well it is light nudes and this one is a stunner.
2. OPI in Samoan Sand - this is a more typical nude with a very subtle warm pink undertone and such a gorgeous nude I had to include it! A shade that flatters most skin tones and is a total classic that needs to be added to my collection. 
3. Deborah Lippmann in Modern Love - The warm base of this nude is a perfect rich, opaque nude for medium skin tones. 
4. Essie in Demure Vixen - My autumn nude from my collection is this mauve with amazing violet shimmer! A slightly different take on a nude nail polish and one that is in my top ten favorite nail polishes ever.

6. Midnight Blue
I am a big lover of cream shades in Autumn but sometimes a beautiful, deep, jewel toned blue calls out to me. These midnight blues are great for a night out on the town or just for when you want some shimmer in your life. I love the shades that look like they are lit from within.
1. Essie in Midnight Cami - A beautiful, rich blue packed with gorgeous shimmer.
2. OPI in Russian Navy - a shade I have been lusting after for what feels like forever is this deep blue shimmer with a bit of purple also visible. Complex, dark and edgy and a perfect addition to a little black dress.
3. Butter London in Bluey - A more teal-toned blue and a gorgeous jewel-toned polish with some amazing shimmery goodness.
4. OPI in Yoga-ta Get This Blue - This polish from my collection is like a lighter version of Russian navy but still a very dark midnight blue shimmer. A polish I immediately dig out once the colder weather arrives.

Don't be fooled by its bland appearance, grey nails are ultra-chic and look glamorous on short and long nails. This "trend" is an edgy alternative to the nudes and is a classy, sophisticated way to branch out and try something different. Somehow I am seriously lacking in the grey's department so here are 4 I would love to get my hands on.
1. Butter London in Dodgy Barnett - The only shimmery grey that I have found and loved the look of is this very light and delicate shade by Butter London. The shimmer in this makes the grey delicate and feminine and I love the look of it.
2. China Glaze in Elephant Walk - A slightly cool toned graphite colour with a very small amount of shimmer in it. This was part of the Safari collection from China Glaze (a collection I adore and need in its entirety).
3. OPI in Nein Nein Nein! Ok Fine! - A darker grey creme from the recent Germany collection. Sophistication in grey form.
4. Essie in Chinchilly - A "greige" polish that walks the line between grey and beige. The warmer tone may make it more flattering for some skin tones.

Classic Red
Classic fire engine red is a colour that should be worn all year around but especially in Autumn I love wearing this with a wardrobe full of neutrals and earth tones. A sexy and bold pop of colour that works in all shades and finishes (but my favorite is a bright red creme). 
1. BYS is Rebel Red - A cheap option for us in New Zealand and Australia is this tomato red creme polish from BYS (around $8 from Glassons).
2. OPI in Danke-Shiny Red - A gorgeous, metallic red shimmer from the Germany collection that has depth and complexity.
3. Essie in Really Red - Another gorgeous red creme, not much more to say except that this bright red is fun and yet sexy.
4. Zoya in Sookie - A recent find for me and my new favorite red in my collection is this gorgeous red creme from Zoya. I love this because it is a classic red shade but more so because of the amazing formula that leaves this untouched on my nails all week. 

Whew, if you made it through all that good job (I am a rambler, sorry!)! I hope at least one of these ideas sound's good and might give you some nailspiration this autumn. Let us know what your favourite Autumn trend's are in the comments :)

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