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Guestpost : The Original Beauty Blender by Amy O

There are many talented people I've met through my blog, or my youtube video's who I speak with regularly and have become online friend's with, so I reached out to Amy O to write the first guest post to be published on my blog. Amy chose the topic.

The aim of a guest post is once a week a guest poster will review a product or write about something related to Beauty, Fashion, Hair or Nail's and post their article and photo's to me and I publish it (I can setup a guest login for you so you can write it up yourself if you would like). As the Editor I'll be formatting and correcting any typo's etc.

The guest poster may or may not have their own blog, website but I'll include link's to the guest poster's blog, website, social media account etc.

I'm pretty excited about giving an opportunity to guest post on my blog so if you'd like to become a guest poster (un-paid), please contact me through Facebook here or Twitter here and let me know that your interested and what you would like to write about (it'd have to be something not previously covered by me to keep the content fresh and interesting). For eg. if you want to review a beauty box or service that's available Australia or New Zealand that'd be great (the majority of my reader's since moving to NZ are from Australia and NZ) but there's also potential for those in the US, Canada and UK, Europe to write a quick guest post about a new beauty product that's been/being launched in their Country and to give us a head's up about it - do we splash the cash or save our money? These types of post's will be posted in the future once guest posting has been going for a while, the potential start date for new product's launching/head's up post's will be sometime in May! Contact me if you'd like to be featured as a guest poster if you live in US, UK, Canada, Europe next month.

I have a potential guest poster (if she agrees) for next Wednesday, so the next guest post would be required to be written up by Tuesday, 2nd April 2013 and published on Wednesday, 3rd April.

I'm posting the first one today, but each guest post will be published on a Wednesday!

I want to thank Amy writing this review and I hope like me you enjoyed her post :-)

Amy O:

I had heard so much about the beauty blender that I just had to purchase one myself and give it a go. I normally use my fingers to apply my foundation. It's quick and easy, although can get messy if in a rush. 

I have always been quite weary of sponges as I have heard they can suck up the foundation, thus giving a light coverage and pretty much wasting your money. 

Photo from Hikosen Cara's website. No Copyright Infringement intended.

The beauty blender comes with clear instructions to dampen the sponge before use. Who would have thought this method would lead to a fuller coverage, more so than my finger application. I hold the sponge under lukewarm water until it's soaked right through. I squeeze out the excess and then towel dry to unsure it is not too wet, just damp. I squeeze two pumps of my liquid foundation on the wider end of the beauty blender and from here, dab it all over my face, paying attention to my forehead and cheeks in particular. From there it's just a simple stippling/tapping motion all over the face. 

You'll notice your foundation blends into your skin in no time. Make sure to stipple it right down your neck also for a very natural finish. The pointed end of the beauty blender it great for covering those hard to reach areas, like the corners of the nose and under the eyes. It can also be used for applying under eye concealer which I have found works brilliantly. 

The finish is smooth and professional. How have I lived without this excellent beauty tool for so long?! 

Cleaning it is pretty easy. I have just used baby shampoo once a week for a deep clean. Every other day I just rinse it under warm water and store it back in the container it came in to dry off. There is a special cleanser you can buy to clean it also but I figured baby shampoo would do the same job. I purchased it here from Hikosen Cara for $32 and it was delivered to me with 2 working days (I am located in Auckland City). 

If you'd like Amy to guest post again please leave your comment below.

Thanks to Amy for writing a review on the Original Beauty Blender. 

Do you use the original beauty blender, or use something similar? 

Do you think makeup sponge's work better for you over makeup brushes and why?

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