Thursday, 14 March 2013

XOBeauty 4 pc Synthetic Face Brush Set

Sorry, I've not posted since my Bed, Bath and Beyond Haul but I've been super busy this week!

I received the XO Beauty Brushes today, which I ordered about 4 day's ago so I wanted to show them to you as well as clean them ready to use tomorrow so I decided why not film a quick "Washing my XO Beauty Makeup Brushes from New" video so that way I could post something too.
If you'd like to order this 4 pc brushset, please click here.

This is what XO Beauty's site say's about this particular brush set:

A complete set of our Synthetic Face Brushes! All of these can be used with powders, creams and liquids - meaning you can use one for your foundation, one for powder, one for highlighter and blush, and one to contour your face. Use them however you want! These brushes are super dense and super soft, enabling a flawless finish every time!

1 x Round Top Synthetic Face Brush 
1 x Flat Top Synthetic Face Brush 
1 x Tapered Top Synthetic Face Brush 
1 x Angled Top Synthetic Face Brush

These brushes are available individually, check the XO Beauty shop!

All prices in New Zealand Dollars 

Free Shipping Worldwide until 1 April, 2013

To work out what NZ$ is in your Currency I use:

If you'd like to contact XO Beauty on Facebook, please click here and follow them on Instagram here!

All information is also contained in the Description Box on the video 
(as posted on my YouTube channel here).

Shannon aka Shaaanxo is one of New Zealand's most well-known Beauty Guru's on YouTube!

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My Australian YT friend Jordy made a Cleaning Makeup Brushes video featuring XO Beauty Brushes (before I decided to make one), please click here to watch her video
and Subscribe to Jordy's YouTube Channel here.

Note: I paid for these brushes with my own money. I'm not being paid or Sponsored for this video.

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