Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Autumn Scarf Fashion Challenge #BBScarfOfTheWeek

Whilst being sick today, trying to stay warm, resting but feeling like I should be productive, I thought up a fashion photography challenge, which I started today on my Instagram.

I've previously joined: Styling You, CrashingRed, FatMumSlim and FoxInFlats challenges in the past.

Now that it's Autumn and the weather has seriously gone from gorgeous Autumn Day to a completely foul windy, rainy, cold, grey I'm wearing my first scarf of the season. I love participating in photography challenges and I've never started one myself so I thought why not create one using scarves. 
This is my first scarf photo in the challenge and my aim is to wear the same scarf at least 3 times in the same week - obviously styled with different clothing and tying/styling it a different way, although having said that this is my go to scarf tying style but I'd love to learn more.

Wendy's Lookbook who I subscribe to and I'm a huge fan of her style, made a Scarf Styling video a couple of year's ago called 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf, please check it out and subscribe to her channel and let's see if we can learn new way's to style our scarves with Wendy's help.

Come along and join in the fun and post your scarf of the week picture's (a minimum of 3 per week using the same scarf) on Instagram, or if you don't have instagram you can post it as a picture on your Twitter. If you participate, please tag #BBScarfOfTheWeek so I can see your picture's and I'll share some of the best on my Instagram and Facebook. Anything goes, you can use silk or cotton, knitted, tartan/plaid - it's up to you!

Ladies, scarves at the ready. Whose with me?

Note: If I'm not following you on Instagram, please comment below with your account name.

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