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Guestpost: The 1 Day Detox by Jordy

Hi everyone,
I'm Jordy from JordysBeautySpot, JordysCooking and JordysFitness (I know, I have a lot of blog's haha) but today I am acting as Jordy's Fitness and bringing you my "1 Day Detox" to help cleanse the system after all that Easter chocolate!
Currently, a detox diet is in order for me after just getting back from holidays over Easter and eating so much chocolate and junk. I think it's really important to balance the bad diet days out with a super healthy detox. I'm not talking about having only lemon water and tea for a week or anything; this is a detox for only one day (although you could do this for much longer) which includes just an assortment of healthy meals!

You will NOT starve on this detox whatsoever, you may even find you're eating more than usual but it's all of the healthy stuff and no junk. Also this is not a calorie counting thing, it's more so about flushing all of the toxins out of your body by only putting in super healthy and nutrition rich foods. The other thing is that this detox avoids all meat but that doesn't mean you will be lacking protein as there are many other substitutes for protein used in this 1 day meal plan.
Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day and I wouldn't disagree! Kick start your 1 day detox with this energy, protein and antioxidant packed breakfast parfait! It includes calcium and protein from the yoghurt and that combined with the steel cut oats will keep you fuller for longer and sustain your energy. Top it off with your favourite fruit and chia seeds for some antioxidants.

Watch the recipe here.
Read the recipe here.

Snacking on dried fruit and nuts is such a healthier alternative to chips but it still gives you the same sort of effect. Add your favourite nuts and dried fruit into a container and whenever you feel like snacking, grab a handful. Just make sure to only add healthy nuts and fruits. Don't make the mistake of choosing honey glazed cashews or chocolate covered raisins; although those are completely fine, I probably would avoid them just for this detox.

Read the recipe here.
Watch this video for more healthy snack ideas.

If you follow me on Instagram (JordysBeautySpot) then the photo above with probably look familiar to you, it's my typical salad! There's nothing better than a fresh salad, it's the perfect detox meal! My favourite kind of salad includes; baby kale, cucumber, tomato, shallots, walnuts with a drizzle of lemon juice and sprinkling of chia seeds. Basic, simple and perfect to flush out any toxins.

A healthy kind of crisp are kale chips! If you don't already know the many health benefits of the super food, Kale then click here to learn more. Kale chips are a delicious and healthy way of eating Kale to receive all of the nutritional and health benefits.

Watch the recipe here.
Read the recipe here.
Watch this video for more healthy snack ideas.

Another great way to get your vegetable intake is through vegetable soup! Basically just chop up all of your favourite veggies and chuck them in a pot of boiling water! You can then eat it just like that or blend it up into a smooth consistency. Make sure to include some lentils and beans for protein. Soup is another great way to detox as it has very cleansing properties and of course you definitely get a healthy dose of vegetables. Just avoid adding cream or croutons as this is a detox, as part of a normal diet that's fine but because we are trying to make this as pure as possible, give it a miss this time.

Watch the recipe here.

A healthy pear, banana, oat dish is the perfect dessert as it provides you with the nutrients from 2 pieces of fruit, protein from peanut butter and nuts as well as a long lasting, sustainable source of energy from the oats. The coconut oil (click here to read all about coconut oil) with all of it's health benefits and chia seeds (click here to read all about chia seeds) with their filling effect mean that you stay fuller for longer so you won't need any more food before bed and you also healthily satisfy your sweet tooth so you aren't craving chocolate for the rest of the night.

Watch the recipe here.
Read the recipe here.

* Lots of water! At least 2 liters.
* 2 or more cups of green/herbal tea.
* Lemon in everything, it's great for detoxing. 
* Exercise

So it's as simple and easy as that! Just stick to eating clean and wholesome foods with lots of fruit, veg, nuts, lentils and seeds because these nutritional components will help flush out any toxins and help detox. This is only a 1 day detox but definitely extend this as long as you feel comfortable or you could even make this your everyday diet. Also, of course feel free to switch different ingredients in all of these recipes, this is just a general guide to help give you healthy meal ideas. 

If you have an questions at all about this detox, feel free to tweet me (@JordsBeautySpot) or email me at and I will definitely get back to you!

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