Monday, 15 April 2013

{Review} Summer's Eve Feminine Wash

I received the bottle of Summer's Eve in a GoodieBox (I pay for my Subscription) so I decided it was time to use/test it for the purpose of a review.

I've never reviewed a feminine wash (please don't expect a tutorial or picture's on the application stage).

Firstly, it's for Normal Skin. I guess they make it for other skin types (no, I'm not trying to be funny).

I've tried another product by a different brand which had a similar bottle, or individual (sealed) wet towel wipes so I carried the wipes in my makeup bag for freshening-up on the go. They were very handy everyday and especially if I was going straight from work to dinner and another use was during Summer, then I ran out and I don't know why I stopped buying it.

I felt kind of strange and nervous showing the product in the GoodieBox video but I've overcome the giggle's (which is only because I'm shy). I find talking about private part's for want of a better word "private" but I'm a beauty blogger and I think it should encompasses lot's of things, not just makeup, skincare and nail polish so I guess what I'm trying to say is, we need to pay attention down there - soap's are drying and can cause irritation (so please don't use Soap). I like that this product is ph-balanced, hypoallergenic and gynaecologist tested and the bottle I have is 119ml.


External Use Only. Wet area, pour a small amount onto hand and apply. Rinse thoroughly.

The direction's are pretty simple and it's got a bit of a lather. The scent is very nice, a floralesque scent that's not overpowering, it pour's a light blue colour with the consistency of a regular shampoo or a light, yet non-sticky gel.

I've used this once a day for the past 9 day's and it's pleasant, then I got my period so after my period I started using it again and I notice a difference - it's very hard to explain but I feel more confident and I don't want to offend anyone (ladies I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I mean it gives me confidence).

I've not found this in my local supermarket yet but I have found another brand. Once I've used it up and if I can find this product, the price is affordable, I'd like to continue using it.

Why don't we talk more about feminine product's in the beauty industry?

So ladies, if your looking to change your shower or bath/wash routine I think you should give Summer's Eve a try. I recommend you smell it in a shop and read the labelling and decide.

Please don't be shy to comment below, but if your not comfortable then you don't need to give too much information.

I'm glad this product was in the box because it's bought my attention to product's I wouldn't normally associate with "beauty" because fall's into the "hygiene" category but it was a nice product I'd buy again.

Finally, it may be TMI but I'm not normally an odorous person (apart from perspiration after exercise) so if your wondering if this help's those of us who may be prone to oder, I cannot say if this is a remedy and I suggest you try this product yourself and see if it work's for you!

Summer’s Eve is available at Life Pharmacies, Unichem and other pharmacies nationwide.

Do you think all Women should be using (gynaecologist tested) feminine wash product's more often? Did you know these product's exist and would you try them?

This isn't Sponsored or paid for by Summer's Eve or GoodieBoxNZ. This product was one of the item's within a GoodieboxNZ beauty box and paid for with my own money. All opinion's are 100% honest and are my own word's. Please don't reproduce, copy or re-post any of my post's to another site without correctly crediting BalmainBeauty with a link to the original post and to my blog at, Thankyou.

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